Top 10 Best Storage Furniture in Singapore


New homes are getting tinier, so every nook and cranny matters. Even though we embrace "small home living", it can be hard to organize and compartmentalize everything, especially when there is children! Plus, extra storage space would not hurt to stash the mess away while still keeping them in a convenient place. Your home can look neat, clean, and spacious with minimal effort all thanks to elegantly designed storage furniture. Great for type-A personalities too who love decluttering!

Picket&Rail has a mix of standalone and made-to-measure storage furniture to fit into every type of home. We have more than ten ideas as we have some honourable mentions. Scroll down to get some ideas on how you can make do with more without compromising on aesthetics and space with beautiful, high quality furniture!

#1 - Waste No Space - Tatami Flooring

This will truly maximise your space for storage! Tatami flooring is a raised floor cabinetry that covers the whole floor, and you can customize your preferred configuration and design to suit the space. Turn it into a play area where toys and necessities are accessible, or build a minimalist clean bedroom with no hanging cabinetry in sight. The opportunities are literally endless!

High and low cabinets, collapsible tables, benches, ceiling storage, display shelves, bookcases, and more can be added into the design seamlessly. Our bedroom galleries fully exhibit our Carpentry&Reno capabilities. Contact us today to see what we can do for your home!

#2 - Sofa With Hidden Storage - Tatami Daybed Sofa

Sofas are the largest furniture item in the living room, taking up lots of space without any storage utility. Our tatami daybed sofa solves this problem and does so much more. Following minimalist design, the arms are equipped with open shelving, and the long cushion sits on top of lift up panels at the back and drawers up in front for ease of retrieval. Smart right?

It's also a daybed so you can lie down to watch tv or work from home comfortably as the arms are big enough. Add a few sofa cushions and voila, a designer storage piece! Our Flexi WFH Transformer coffee table matches this sofa perfectly and it's great for productivity.

#3 - A Coffee Table With Storage And So Much More - FLEXI Work@Home Transformer Coffee Writing Table

This is made for working from home. It cleverly hides so many features, such as a convertible working desk, a cushion padded stool, and a drawer to store your remotes, magazines, charges, and cables. From an unassuming simple coffee table, it transforms into a writing desk! The silent and soft close mechanism ensures that the desk slides up smoothly without needing much force. If you're a night owl, it won't disturb your family with any loud bangings too.

Whenever you're bored of working from your bedroom or dining table, try the living room instead.

#4 - For Better Organization When Things Get Messy - Customized 32-feet Modern Minimalist Kitchen Cabinet White

The most important place to have lots of storage is in the kitchen. Keep all your pots, pans, and plates all in order for easy retrieval with our super engineered wood kitchen cabinets! Minimalist and modern, these customizable cabinets are heat, moisture, and crack resistant, with upgradable Corian solid surfaces, marble, stone, or stainless steel choices. Furthermore, it comes with a whopping 10 year warranty! Just sign up as a member for free to qualify.

Chat with us to customize your dream kitchen today!

#5 - Space For Fun In Front Of The TV - Norya Modular TV Entertainment Wall Cabinet in American Black Walnut

Modularity and customization plays a vital role in storage solutions, as every home needs a personalised approach as your TV habits are starkly different from one house to the next. The modular Norya TV entertainment units look pleasing to the eye and keep messy wires out of sight. These cabinets can store your game consoles, TV box, karaoke machines, remotes, CDs (if there are still any) and more all in one area. It keeps your living room tidy so you won't have to clean up the clutter whenever you want to host.

Made from premium European woods with over 1000+ configurations and matching furniture, it gives you the ability to build an aesthetically beautiful home. 

#6 - Convenient Storage At The Entrance - Customized Full-Height Shoe Cabinet - Walnut

Great for shopaholics, fashionistas, and metropolitan men: a floor to ceiling, full-height (2.4m) shoe cabinet that can store more than 40 pairs of shoes! Featuring an open shelf in the middle for decor, the top and bottom swing doors contain multiple shelves for organization and convenience. Hide the smells and mess behind these closed doors!

Made from super engineered wood and sturdy hardware that are built to last, this shoe cabinet is the perfect solution for easy entryway storage.

#7 - Office And Dining All In One - Norya D5 Modular Bookcase with Lap Table

'Hybrid spaces' is the new interior design trend. If you're Zooming colleagues on your dining table, might as well make it your home office. Meet premium modular cabinetry: Norya. The bookcase can be used to place plates, cutleries, documents, laptops, snacks, and more. A pantry near your workspace doesn't hurt!

Keeping your table tidy is key for productivity. The bookcase space allows you to put away and retrieve things fast without walking all over the house or fussing about the mess. Plus, it's modular so you can customize according to your house's dimensions! We even offer a whopping 10 year warranty upgrade.

#8 - Compartmentalized Storage For Everything - High Hygiene Antimicrobial Tatami Queen Storage Bed

This range remains as our best seller till today. Available in standard single, super single, queen, and king sizes, you can also customize your colours and configurations (lift up panels, drawers, open shelves). Get up to extra 888 litres of storage with just one bed! Plus, you can compartmentalize everything neatly instead of throwing everything in a box.

Made from super engineered wood, our tatami beds are tough, toxic-free, moisture, heat, and scratch-resistant. The fully finished interiors connotes a premium make. Get your tatami bed from The Original Tatami Bed makers. You won't regret it. 

#9 - For Fur Friends And Their Toys - CAT/DOG/PET Solid Wood Utility Play Storage Cabinet

Pets are family, and this means that we tend to spoil them with lots of treats and toys. These extra take up space and have to be stored somewhere, but all the cabinets are full. Having a place to store all these goodies plus more is very handy, and it doesn't mix with your items so busy pawrents won't get confused. 

Alternatively, this can also be a space for your pet to sleep or hide, especially cats. Check out the rest of our solid wood pet collection for more!

#10 - Solid Wood Storage For The Bedroom - ASHTON Solid Wood Queen Platform Storage Bed

Want all your bedding, blankets, pillows, necessities and more within arm's reach? The ASHTON Platform King Bed has 6 whopping drawers in total, with 3 on each side and a hidden compartment at the bedskirt. Fitted with quality hardware and soft-close mechanism, the drawer operations are smooth and will last for longer.

The solid wood platform base wrapped in fabric protects your mattress from sinking and all your items kept in order. If you're a wood lover, its large headboard will steal your attention every time you walk into the room.   

#11 - Baby Cot Transforms Into A Standard Single Bed - Cheeky Bon Bon Castle Convertible Cot With Trundle

Babies grow up so fast, and their needs are everchanging. From clothes to furniture, everything has to be matched according to their growth and size. To reduce waste, our convertible cots are made to last till teenagehood, so you can spend more on things that matter.

It transforms from a cot into a standard single bed (190 x 90cm) with a dresser when the rails are removed. As a cot, you have space for diaper changing, storage for consumables or toys, and your baby has a larger play area than other cots. It's so worth the investment as the design is quite chic and timeless! Paired best with other Cheeky Bon Bon baby bedding

#12 - Movable Under Bed Storage - AMERICANA II Under Bed Movable Solid Wood Drawer Trundle

Remember when we used to store items in plastic boxes under the bed? Switch it to a solid wood trundle as the more elegant solution. Everything is within reach anytime, so it's great for everyday items such as books, bedding, blankets, and more. Fitted with castor wheels, you can easily maneuver it around the room wherever you feel like it.

With a height of 32.5cm, it has good depth that fit perfectly underneath our solid wood beds. We have a single mattress solid wood trundle option as well.

#13 - Full Height Wardrobe - Customized 1.2m-1.5m Sliding Door Wardrobe

Flat-packed wardrobes are a waste of time. We say this confidently because every household will place infrequently used items such as luggage above the wardrobe, which will collect dust and is hard to clean because it's so out of reach. It also becomes an eyesore whenever you enter your bedroom. 

Full height wardrobes eliminate the dust issue and makes the whole look neater and tidier. Sliding doors are space-saving, and our Venetian design is sought-after by many customers. Customize your wardrobe colour, height, and width to maximise everything for more clothes!