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Even if you’re not a frequent shopper, you probably have quite a lot of clothes in your closet. Like everybody else, you have probably tried different ways to maximise your existing closet space.

Sliding door wardrobes offer a sleek, space-saving storage solution in contemporary homes. They have several advantages and can work well in a room of any shape and size. Before choosing a door type for your wardrobe you need to weigh the pros and cons of the various options available. You need to pick one depending on your space availability, usage, and convenience. Here is all you need to know about sliding door wardrobes
Picket&Rail is the probably only true blue premium full range furniture and carpentry store left in Singapore.

The other furniture stores are mostly specialists focusing on either mattresses, sofas, or specific styles such as teak furniture with limited range.

The big box stores other than IKEA are selling mostly mattresses, sofas and some dining tables. They don't sell many side cabinets, buffers, shoe cabinets, dressers, study tables, bookcases, modular cabinetry, designer kitchen cabinets, toilet cabinets or custom carpentry services.

Looking for a decent customized wardrobe maker in Singapore can be a daunting task. Most IDs and local carpenters usually tend to show you the same wardrobe sample day in day out. Most of the customized wardrobes you find are mostly made using plywood with choices of laminates and wood veneers. 
When starting on a kitchen cabinet project, some planning is required before visiting your carpenter. Start by identifying where your five zones are going to be. The five basic zones are 
Whenever you are planning to drill a wall to install a cabinet check out the following before starting anything.
As houses get smaller and smaller sliding door wardrobes are gaining in popularity. 80 sq ft bedrooms are commonplace on Singapore. The advantage of sliding doors are numerous and hard to resist. Get to know the RTG® Sliding Door Wardrobes with this blog!
Every wall, floor and ceiling is not exactly datum. The untrained naked eye cannot spot the slants, bends and wave. This makes installing cabinets very difficult. The following are problems you might face with an uneven floor.
There are four popular types of cabinets in the market today. Learn which one best fits your lifestyle with Picket&Rail Carpentry&Reno blog!
In the old days, actually not too long ago, the contractor or so called designer was the one you looked whenever you wanted to renovate your home. Finding a plumber, an electrician, a mason, a tiler, a carpenter was difficult. Not everyone wanted to work with each other. People usually looked at newspaper's classifieds or go the Expo or more often than not got a recommendation. Prices were not so transparent. Quotes are slow to arrive. Smaller jobs were given a lower priority 

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