Why Wood Makes a Better Bed

Why wood makes a better bed by Picket&Rail

When purchasing a bed, most people focus on the mattress because after all, the mattress is what provides comfort, right? One of the pieces of furniture most often overlooked is the bed frame.

The foundation of a good night’s sleep is a good quality bed and that includes the frame. One that doesn’t squeak as soon as you sit down, gives you the support and comfort you need and combines practicality with stylish good looks.

There are so many different types ofbed frames in Singapore, it can be hard to decide which to go for, but the simplest choice comes down to this wood or metal? Which is better?

Here are the reasons why wooden bed frames are better than metal ones.

1. Wooden bed frames are naturally anti-microbial

Sturdiness is a concrete and observable measure for determining the quality of a bed. Its natural anti-microbial nature means it is hygienic and hypoallergenic, lasting longer and safe for everyone. Solid wooden beds give you the power to make a long-term investment as they can last a lifetime if properly cared for.

2. Wooden bed frames are less likely to keep you up at night

Compared to metal bed frames, qualitywooden bed frames are far less likely to creak. Consequently, anyone sleeping in a wooden bed is less vulnerable to the annoyances of a creaky, squeaky bed keeping them up at night. In this case, the guaranteed restful sleep takes precedence over saving money. You may come to regret saving a few dollars at the expense of your quality of sleep.

3. You can choose from an array of finishes

Wood is a popular material because it can be stained to preserve its natural colour. A wooden bed frame gives you the versatility to adjust your bed to match the rest of your bedroom as it evolves and changes. Staining wood also gives you the opportunity to truly make a piece your own. Similarly, each wooden bed frame offers a unique pattern of the wood grain to enhance that feeling of originality that homeowners so often desire.

4. Wooden bed frames provide a feeling of warmth

Wooden bed frames yield a warmth that metal beds are typically incapable of putting off. The bedroom is often the coziest room of the house and wooden beds are well-suited to emphasize that sentiment. If you like rustic decor, a wooden frame is the best pick for you.

Consider your needs

You can check more about thedifferent sizes of bed frames all day long, from singles to a king-sized bed frame; but the most important question to ask yourself when purchasing a new bed is if it is right for you. Make sure that you are comfortable with your purchase and it fits your specific needs and style.

If you are having a sleeping problem or if you want to improve the experience, maybe it is time for you to change your bed frame to a wooden one now. Check out more onPicket&Rail or visit ourFurniture Megastore @ 25 Tagore.