Why Cotton is So Yesterday

Why cotton is so yesterday by Inkagu & Picket&Rail

Tencel® Botanic Fiber

Tencel® is a botanic fiber found in nature. It is harvested from Eucalyptus trees and produced through a closed loop manufacturing process, which means it's eco-friendly and safe for the environment. Eucalyptus trees are sustainable, regenerate quickly, and grown free of herbicides and pesticides.

Our Inkagu® Tencel® Cooling Bedsheets are sourced from forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and PEFC in Europe. All of our fabrics are manufactured and processed to the most stringent quality checks in Barcelona, Spain.

How Tencel® Compares To Everything Else

Cotton variants include the worshipped Egyptian cotton, organic cotton, cotton sateen and bamboo cotton.

Mattress Topper

Did you know that mattress toppers are increasingly becoming less popular amongst the millennials and younger? Not only are they expensive, they diminish the benefits of a cooling mattress, especially when it blocks ice fabrics that need skin contact such as the Inkagu® ShinJu Air 3.

Besides comfort, mattress toppers are used to protect the mattress from stains. Our Inkagu® Tencel® bedsheets have waterproofing properties and is equipped to protect your mattress from all the embarrassment and extra cleaning hassle, letting your mattress looking fresher for longer.


All Inkagu® Tencel® bedsheets are Standard 100 by Oeko-tex® certified, which means it is a grade above organic cotton when it comes to not using harmful substances in our production. We obey to stringent quality checks and standards in all of our factories located at Barcelona, Spain.

Moisture Wicking

This is an important factor for hot sleepers. Tencel® bedsheets wicks moisture and sweat much faster than cotton, which means it dries in record time. This means it is better at temperature regulation, improves breathability and minimises germs and

It really does feel like your Second Skin.


Cotton is known for its durability, but when it comes to washing, our Tencel® bedsheets still rank higher. Not only does our Tencel® bedsheets dry faster, it does not crumple or wrinkle out of the dryer like cotton does. Tuck it over your mattress corners and it'll feel as smooth as silk, no ironing required. You'll get that look with cotton only if you iron.


Are you tired of keeping a washing schedule? Or are you a homemaker who needs to clean their children's sweaty bedsheets often? Maybe you're just busy progressing your career and have no time to remember when was it you last washed your bedsheets.

All Inkagu® Tencel® bedsheets are permanently infused with Zinc Oxide and the patented Dermofresh® technology to combat germs, bacteria and microbial organisms proliferating on your bedsheets, and the effects are proven to last even after 300 washes.


Cotton farms heavily uses agrochemicals which severely degrades the soil quality, of which these toxins contaminate our rivers and affects our drinking water supply. According to WWF, it takes 2,700 litres of water to produce the cotton needed to make just one T-shirt, so imagine how much the damage will be for a single bedsheet.

Tencel® on the other hand are produced from wood pulp from sustainable renewable sources and the supply chain is transparent - all of which cotton is lacking.


Threadcount on cotton bedsheets do not promise anything - it has been proven that manufacturers lie on their packaging. The trick of layering 300TC fabric over each other to qualify for the 600TC label is a practiced tactic in the industry.

Tencel® renders this 7,000 year old technology obsolete by being as smooth as silk and naturally hypoallergenic, making it the top choice for individuals who have eczema or sensitive skin. No threadcount needed.


Cotton doesn't maintain its quality well over the years, and this is fact. Think about your own cotton clothes. They pill, gets stiff without any fabric softener, crumples easily and colour fading is a big issue. It's not the most demanding material like silk, but after a few washes, you'd probably be itching to get new sheets.

Inkagu® Tencel® bedsheets don't pill, doesn't need any softener and instead gets softer after every wash. Colour retention is better because of the fibres and it doesn't shrink.

Tying It Off

It's extremely obvious why we think cotton is so 2000 and it's time to move on to better things, such as Inkagu® Tencel® bedsheets because we deserve better than this.

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