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Heat Dissipation Technology

All thanks to the cooling special euro and pillow tops.

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Efficient wicking keeps you cool during sleep and sex.

Better Sex In All Positions

Firm edges and stiff springs are essential for the right bounce.

Partner Isolation With Pocketed Springs

Your partner's tosses and turns can't disrupt your slumber.

Double Tempered Springs

The added carbon results in firmer tensile strength.

Our Springs Have Zones

Follows the curves of your body for maximum comfort.

Different Thickness

You decide on the optimal height for every night.

Latex For The Win

Natural latex is hypoallergenic, durable, and eco-friendly.

The Latest In Foam Technology

Keeping you cool and healthy while you sleep longer.

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Threadcount is a system of fabric identification that counts the number of vertical and horizontal threads in one square inch. We’ve been trained to think high thread count equals better quality, instead of comparing weaves and materials. Today, there are many other options, such as Tencel® that are far superior than the 7,000 year old technology. The truth is, counting threads in a square inch to determine quality is obsolete. Read on to find out how this measurement for comfort is old news to stay abreast on the latest technologies for sleep.
Many mattresses manufactured over the last two decades may actually be bad for you. The western way to health has been typically to "target and destroy" the "bad". This sometimes mean choosing the lesser of two evils. Many old mattress contains copious amounts of chemicals to produce key features such as "Anti-Static" and "Anti-Dust Mite".

The Benefits Of Activated Carbon Foam & Fabrics


Double Carbon to Double the Benefits: ShinJu Air II

If you're all about detoxifying your sleep, this is the mattress for you. This comfortable pillow-top mattress boasts an Air-Gel infused charcoal memory foam upholstered in cooling 3D knitted charcoal fabric.

Start your healthy sleep journey with this luxury model at a reasonable price!

The Benefits Of AirGel™ Foam


The Coolest Sleep in the Hottest Climate: ShinJu Air III

If you sleep hot, this is the mattress for you. Our proprietary Supakuru Ice Fabric is so cool to the touch for better body temperature regulation. With breathable mesh sides, your heat will disperse into the environment instead of cooping up in between the layers.

You'll have to feel it for yourself at our Megastore @ 25 Tagore.

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Inkagu Mattresses & Bedsheets - Made For Sex & Sleep

Inkagu Latex Charcoal Memory Foam Ice-Fabric Individual Pocketed Spring Mattresses
Inkagu is Japan's #1 best mattress and bedding brand. Our ShinJu mattresses come in various types including individual pocketed spring mattresses, bonnel spring mattresses, latex-top mattresses, memory foam mattresses, air-gel memory foam mattresses, ice-fabric super cool mattresses, charcoal memory foam mattresses, ice-fabric head pillows and waterproof Tencel bedsheets and pillow cases.