Cheeky Bon Bon - Customizable Tatami Convertible Baby Cot (195x97cm)

Original Design | Official 3 Year Warranty | Free Delivery | Initial 14 Days Free On-site Support


Product Features

The brand new in-house creation, Customizable Tatami Convertible Baby Cot easily transforms to a standard full-sized Single bed in less than 30 minutes!

This convertible baby cot is made specifically for smart parents who realize that they only need ONE single bed - from baby right up to teenage-hood!

Made from formaldehyde-free engineered wood panels with an exclusive 10 year for Picket&Rail members!

If you'd like a more personalised custom cot, we can do it. There are endless possible combinations! Visit our Design Center @ 25 Tagore to learn more.

  • Many storage options for necessities and consumables. Keep them all in one place in drawers and cabinets conveniently.
  • Side cabinet is included for easy changing of diapers and clothes.
  • Your little one gets to enjoy a bigger play area, measuring up to 140x90cm. This prevents knocks and bruises.
  • Cot railings are adjustable and fitted with strong, quiet hardware.
  • All corners are rounded to ensure baby safety.
  • Made from super-engineered wood that is anti-scratch, anti-warp, heat and moisture resistant for longer lasting use.
  • 100% toxin-free. Wood is E0 and formaldehyde-free, no off-gassing that will harm your child.
  • No wall drilling needed. Shift it wherever and whenever you like!
  • Converts into a Standard Single Tatami Bed (190x90cm) with a headboard and a side cabinet (cm).
  • Matching colours for any interior. Select from classic white to premium walnut and more!

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 19 x 97 x 105cm
  • Converted dimensions:
    • Standard single tatami bed (LxWxH): 190 x 90 x 42cm
    • Side cabinet (LxWxH): 90 x 50 x 61cm
  • Made from strong super-engineered wood.
  • Free delivery and assembly.
  • Enjoy 10 year warranty as a Picket&Rail Member. If not, standard 3 year warranty applies.


How Our Convertible Cots Compare To Others

 Baby&Kids Competitors
Comes in standard size (190x90cm)
Comes in non-standard size (165/175/180cm)
Premium high quality mattress included
Basic mattress included
Fits 2 mattress thickness, from 10 to 30cm
Fits 1 mattress thickness
10 year warranty 6 months/1 year warranty
Matching furniture Non-matching furniture
Easy bed transformation Complicated bed transformation
Furniture specialists
Not furniture specialists
Suitable for kids from 0 -18 years old Suitable for kids from 0 - 16 years
Customizable kids bedroom options available No customization options available