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Top 10 Best Electric and Manual Sofa Recliners in Singapore

Top 10 Best Electric and Manual Sofa Recliners in Singapore - Picket&Rail Furniture, Art & Baby Megastore

Everything is done at home now, from working, eating, exercising, and shopping to watching movies. Comfortable seating is a high priority for all these activities. They contribute to the high demand for sofa recliners of all kinds. It is common to find at least 1 recliner in every home now!

With so many choices in the market, what are your available options? Picket&Rail has summarised the top 10 best recliners and incliners in Singapore that you can buy. The list is according to your needs for the best Stay Home Vacation experience.

Top 10 Best Electric and Manual Sofa Recliners in Singapore

#1 - The Best Seller in Multiple Colours

Kuka #A928 Full Top Grain Leather Recliner Lounge Chair + Ottoman

The epitome of sit back, relax, and sleep. The Kuka #A928 recliner is upholstered in genuine top grain leather that feels cool and soft to the touch. It also provides ultimate comfort.

It reclines to an optimal 160° and is fitted with extra-cushy armrests for complete ergonomic support. We carry multiple colours to give you freedom of choosing 'The One' you'll bring home tonight.

Whenever you return home from a stressful day at work, recline into your sweet spot. Then read, stream Netflix, or doze off.

#2 - Slim and Compact Profile for Smaller People

Americana Push Back Fabric Recliner

This is the perfect substitute for the above if you're not into leather. Made from 100% soft polyester which is stain and moisture-resistant, it is smooth and extremely easy to maintain, making it the better choice for busy working adults and the elderly.

Its slim and compact profile makes relocation a breeze, so when it is extra windy that day, turn the recliner towards your balcony or window for a breath of fresh air while relaxing. A stay home vacation!

The seat reclines from 110º to 170º with a retractable footrest. It doesn't take much strength, just hold onto the arm rests and push! Solid larch wood built for the inner structure, reinforced with high quality plywood for long-lasting use. Suitable for short or fun sized individuals.

#3 - The Only Rocking Sofa Recliner!

Kuka KS-1238 Top-Grain Leather Sofa Recliner Sofa

Want to feel like you're sinking into enveloping clouds for the ultimate lounge? Get this KUKA sofa recliner.

Upholstered in top grain Italian leather with KUKA's proprietary comfort cushion formula, this recliner lounge is the peak of luxury and quality. It is also a rocking chair (when not in recliner mode) for days when you want a familiar comforting sensation. It'll soothe your worst anxieties in no time.

Powered by Legget&Platt®, an American components manufacturer, the manual mechanism is the latest technology the furniture industry has to offer. You don't ever have to worry about it failing - but if it does, you have our 10 year warranty to lean on. 

#4 - Relaxation For The Whole Family

Americana Fabric Recliner Sofa in 1/3-seater

This sofa recliner set is a plus for families who Netflix and popcorn together. For the 3-seater size, both ends of the sofa can recline up to 170º with just a pull of the tab. Its plush cushion upholstered in soft and smooth 100% polyester means easy maintenance because of its stain and moisture-resistance. All you have to do is vacuum out the dust, dirt and crumbs once in a while!

The pillowed armrests are the stars of the show. You can rest your elbow while reading or lie down to nap across the sofa as it provides ergonomic support for your head and neck. In our opinion, it's the best value for money!

#5 - Zero Gravity Recliner for Health

KUKA KM.5170 Top Grain Leather Electrical Recliner Sofa (2/3/L-Seater)

Although they were developed by NASA scientists to mimic the posture of astronauts during space missions, zero gravity recliners won't actually float off into space. Zero gravity refers to the recliner’s ability to obtain the ideal weight distribution to optimize blood circulation, reduce pressure on your neck, back, and legs, and give you the perfect angle of full relaxation.

This reclined position is different than in a traditional recliner because it evenly distributes your bodyweight throughout the chair, which reduces the stress on different areas of your body.

Notice immediate improvement in blood circulation and lung capacity alongside reduced joint swelling, back pain, and spinal cord compression. It's best for the elderly, pregnant women, or the health-conscious junkie at home.

Disclaimer: Facts stated here are for informational or educational purposes only, and does not substitute professional medical advice or consultations with healthcare professionals.

#6 - Sweet, Small and Simple to Control

Kuka KM.5118 Electric Fabric Recliner Sofa

Perfect for small families living in a 2 or 3-room HDB where each square foot counts. Measuring 1.64m in length, this fabric recliner sofa is unlike the others - the material imitates leather texture and qualities! It's cooling, smooth and breathable unlike typical woven fabric. Specially manufactured by KUKA, this special fabric is highly sought after because it doesn't retain heat and makes you sweat less on a sunny day indoors.

The other great feature of this sofa is the classic high back design fitted for a modern look. Made to be comfortable for tall and short individuals, rest assured that you'll get all 5 points of ergonomic support when you lounge on this electric powered recliner sofa.

Top 10 Best Electric and Manual Sofa Recliners in Singapore

#7 - Sofa Bed And Recliner All in One

Kuka KF.119 Leather Recliner Sofa with 1 Headrest

There are two types of reclining sofas: a recliner and an incliner. An incliner means that the mechanism leans forward instead of backward, so the back of the sofa can be flushed to the wall to save precious space. This sofa set is an incliner and perfect for homes with small living rooms.

If you're familiar with our #1372 sofa, this is an elevated innovation of the previous design. Unlike the other recliners in this list, this sofa comes with a electric powered footrest that sits beneath the seats and lifts up when the button is pushed. The back can be brought back to extend the seating space, so you can lounge in style. Reminiscent of the Rolf Benz Ego 2019 sofa, this truly contemporary piece will be the centerpiece in any living room.

At a compact size of 2.32m in length, it's great for small and large homes alike and could fit most HDB lifts. The Legget&Platt® mechanism is silent and powerful, an upgrade from the older models. The buttons come with a USB port so you can charge your phone and watch videos at the same time. Choose from a variety of colourful aniline-dyed top grain leathers for a perfect finish.

Top 10 Best Electric and Manual Sofa Recliners in Singapore

#8 - Reclining Headrest And Footrest Modular Sofa

Kuka KM.5123 Leather Modular Recliner Sofa

You may be a picky seater, like the mythological Princess and the Pea, who feels a pea underneath layers of thick mattresses when she sleeps. The KUKA KM.5123 is made for people like you in mind who would like full and precise control over their reclining angles. There are two buttons attached to the side of the sofa that lets you easily adjust to your favourite position with just a click. Furthermore, the seats are made from high density foam on a solid larch wood structure that provides stability and reinforced durability.

As a modular sofa, you also have the creative freedom to select how many seats you'd like and its colour. Want to ensure that this piece you're investing in lasts as long as it can? Sign up as a member to upgrade to a 10 year warranty.

Top 10 Best Electric and Manual Sofa Recliners in Singapore

#9 - All Seats Are Recliners

Kuka KM.5082 Leather Recliner Modular Sofa

With this modular sofa, the whole family can sit and savour the joy of recliners. This luxurious modular Kuka sofa reclines with just a touch! There are no large buttons on the side as the metal touchpads are hidden swiftly in between the cushion seats. This attention to detail with innovative technology makes this sofa a truly opulent piece and experience. You can also create an intimate setting with a sectional sofa with this set. Your guests will be extremely impressed whenever they come to visit!

Customize the number of seats, types of seats (recliner or sofa set or chaise lounge), colour, material (leather or fabric) and more. The configurations are literally endless as it gives you full creative freedom to personalise the sofa as this is a piece that will follow you and your family through the years.

Top 10 Best Electric and Manual Sofa Recliners in Singapore

#10 - For Movie Buff Couples

Kuka KM.5065 Electrical Top Grain Leather Recliner Sofa

This 2-seater recliner sofa in fabric or top grain leather is great for couples who often watch movies together. This sofa measures 1.67m in length with generous space for two individuals, so one could afford the luxury of lying down while one sits upright. The headrest of the KUKA KM.5065 can be precisely controlled with a touch of a button on the side, just like the retractable footrest. A good sofa is the one that you do not think about to fully focus on the movie and the present. This denotes quality and excellence.

A USB port is placed next to the buttons so you can charge your phone or watch movies on it without worrying about running out of battery life. The ultimate lounge sofa that will be your guilty pleasure every movie session!

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