Artist Kiana Mosley

About Kiana Mosley

Kiana Mosley is an emerging artist born in Hawaii and raised in Southern California, but now resides in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

She is a lifelong, self-taught and mentored artist, and studied as a Graphic Design major at OSU.

Visual art, performance art and music have always been an integral part of her life and upbringing, as the daughter of late artist Daniel Keiser, and niece of the late Randy California of the 60's rock band SPIRIT.

  • Her current work reflects inspiration and affinity for nature and how the abstract color field and expressionist styles apply to the subject matter.
  • She became fond of watercolours after experimenting with "staining" styles of work with oil and acrylic - the fluidity, the unforgiving and yet "happy" accidents that seemed to occur when working with it.