Aguard Transport

The transport sector is quite a large one consisting of different industries managed by governments, organizations or individuals. In most countries a large part of the inhabitants rely on the public transport (train, bus & metro) to commute to and from work. Besides those traveling for work, many others also make use of the public transport on a daily basis to go from, or to their desired destination.
This means that in not only in the rush hours a multitude of travellers will commute in these forms of public transport. The density of people means less control from a hygienic perspective, even when a 24/7 cleaning service is implaced, the traveller is confronted with less appropriate hygienic standards, as frequently seen in public toilets, waiting cabins, ticket machines and food stands, to name just a few.
Public transport is just one of the many industries within the transport sector, where the hygienic standards are generally very poor. When looking at other industries such as the airplanes, cruise ships and taxi’s, these standards aren’t much better as it is simply too expensive for the firms operating within these industries to offer constant cleaning and disinfection of each and every surface.
Another very import part of the transport industry are airports. As they are seen as an end destination and most people are traveling in via the public transport services. Airports have one specific point of access where all travellers need to pass through, that being the security check points, so conveyor belts, luggage carts, luggage trays, elevators, escalators these are all subject to cross contamination. The numbers of travellers on a daily basis have a high impact on hygienic standards in combination with the level of sanitation. It is an interesting detail to note that all security staff members are wearing surgical gloves to protect them from cross contamination.
Research has already showed us that pathogens can easily survive a few days up to several weeks on most type of surfaces, depending on the conditions (type of surface, temperature, humidity, etc.). So if the frequently touched surfaces aren’t cleaned on a daily basis these surfaces will become heavily contaminated, which could impose a large infection risk. Therefore, the organizations responsible, should take measures to reduces these risks and increase the hygienic standards within each and every industry within the transport sector.
As frequent cleaning and disinfection is key to producing a high quality hygienic standard, this could be a possibly solution. However, this doesn’t seem like a sustainable solution as it is simply to time consuming and to cost intensive for most organizations. AGuard offers the solution for this problem, which is not only durable but also very affordable. With AGuard, our patented self-sanitizing (disinfecting) coating solution, the need for daily or maybe even hourly cleaning will be completely eliminated.