Writers For Feverything Wanted! Eat Engage & Earn!

Writers For Feverything Wanted! Eat Engage & Earn!

If you have been posting stuff on social media, writing without getting paid, we’ll here is your chance to get some Moolah for your efforts.

fEverything e-mag is looking for aspiring writers who will get paid on a per article basis.

All you need to do is choose an F topic to write about, post it on your social media with a link back to fEverything’s Facebook page, and once we publish it, we will send some money your way.

Earn $5-27 per article/social post!

Criteria for the articles/social posts:

  • No bad language, obscenity, racist, sexist, ageist remarks
  • Articles should be about your personal experience with the place, thing, event or person. We respect copyright! So don’t plagiarise!
  • Articles are to be submitted with a photo that you took as well. Minimum 1 photo with each article. But you can upload as many photos and even videos along with your post.
  • Articles should be at least 250 words long
  • Articles should fit within one of the F categories, namely Fashion, Fun, Fitness, Food, Furnishings, Finance and Family
  • Articles should be displayed for public view on your own Facebook page for at least 2 weeks. This will give us enough time to assess your article and do all the admin necessary to ensure you get paid
  • Articles should not be defamatory and nasty. We are here to share good and balanced experiences. 
Payment for articles will be processed twice a month on 13 and 26 of each month. In order to meet the payment deadline, articles should be submitted by 29th of the previous month to meet the 13th deadline, and by 12th of the previous month to meet the 26th deadline (which will give us exactly 14 days!)
Once you have posted your article and ensured that it is live, fill in this form and send your details and the link to your post to us for payment.

How to earn more from each article/social post

  • Write compelling content! The more interesting or exciting your content is, the more we will pay
  • Write longer articles. Generally articles of 250-350 words will receive $5, 351-450 words $10, 451-550 words $15 and 550 words and above will receive $20. Yes we reward effort. But make sure that your article is not just repeating the same facts erects in various forms.
  • Minimise spelling and grammatical errors. Yes, we encourage learning and self-improvement! If you are a non-native English speaker or writer, even better! What better way to improve than to write more, practise more and get paid more as you learn?
  • Photos of different things. Similar or repeated photos will be discounted.

Payment matrix:

  • 250-350 words + 3 photos = $5
  • 351-450 words + 5 photos =$10
  • 451-550 words + 8 photos = $15
  • 550 words and more + 10 photos or more = $20
  • One 15+ sec video = 5 photos
  • 3 errors or less: add $2 bonus
  • 5 errors or less: add $1 bonus
  • 6 errors and above: no bonus
  • Compelling and unique content: add $5 bonus

Do note that fEverything reserves the prerogative to be the final judge on the amounts payable for each price of writing (we pay, we the boss, heh).