Alexandr&Co - The World's Most Powerful Silk Sericin Skin Care Developed By Singapore Doctors

Alexandr&Co - The World's Most Powerful Silk Sericin Skin Care Developed By Singapore Doctors

30 March 2022, Singapore – Alexandr&Co. is a Singapore-born luxury skincare range made in Japan. Founded by doctors who studied the clinical applications of silkworm sericin (a glue-like protein that sheaths the outer layer of silk threads) in the context of skin healing and repair, silk sericin is known for innumerable benefits it confers to human skin.  For the first-time, silk sericin is now available in a luxury skincare range in Singapore and globally online.

Silk sericin is naturally derived with strongly biocompatibility with human skin - making it an ideal skin-friendly active ingredient. In its natural state, sericin binds strongly to silk threads (known as fibroin) which coincidentally have very similar molecular structures to keratin, the natural structural protein found abundantly in human skin.

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Silk is prized by Asian royalty as a regal symbol of power and a hallmark of nobility.  It was first discovered almost 5,000 years ago in ancient China by Empress Leizu, the wife of the Yellow Emperor, while she played with silk cocoons in her courtyard.  A slip of her hands saw raw silk cocoons accidentally land in a cup of hot tea. The heat dissolved the sericin and unfurled the tightly wound strands of silk into brilliant lustrous threads and which are woven into the magnificent fabric we know and love today.  This discovery changed the course of history and gave birth to the Silk Road which still stands to this very day.  Alexandr&Co. pays homage to this discovery by showing the world silk’s miraculous properties beyond that of a fabric.

Sericin is a skin superfood widely known to have demonstrated the following incredible effects on human skin in real scientific studies:

  1. Anti-Inflammatory effect1by significantly lowering the amount of inflammatory molecules produced naturally in skin
  2. Pro-Circulatory effect1by increasing blood flow through tissues (angiogenesis)
  3. Anti-Scarring effect1by regulating Transforming Growth Factors (TGF) β1 and β3
  4. Rapid-Healing effect1by recruiting Mesenchymal Stem Cells to sites of injured or damaged skin
  5. Anti-Wrinkle effect4by increasing skin's natural levels of collagen
  6. UV-Solar-Protection effect3by being a natural guard against ultraviolet radiation
  7. Strong hydrating effect2by mimicking NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) and forming a skin barrier that reduces TEWL (Trans-Epidermal Water Loss)

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Silk sericin is known to be very difficult to manufacture at high concentrations due to its high viscosity, low solubility and natural odour. These technical challenges led Alexandr&Co.’s founding team of doctors on a 5-year research and development mission to bring the highest quality silk sericin in the highest possible concentration known to exist into a skincare product.

Hundreds of prototypes were tested, combined with a plethora of ingredients with the goal of achieving the highest concentration of silk sericin possible.  As sericin is very difficult to concentrate in a skincare product, this was a technical challenge that was progressively refined over the course of years and finally made possible with the calibrated use of special ingredients that help to dissolve the sericin while preserving its molecular integrity as a whole without losing efficacy.

Alexandr&Co. may be purchased in-store at OG Orchard, or online at  Prices range from SGD 94 to SGD 269.


Research Publications:

[1] Sericin hydrogels promote skin wound healing with effective regeneration of hair follicles and sebaceous glands after complete loss of epidermis and dermis [Chao Qi, Luming Xu, Yan Deng, Guobin Wang, Zheng Wang, Lin Wang]

[2] Silk sericin as a moisturizer: an in vivo study [Mahesh N Padamwar,Atmaram P Pawar,Aarti V Daithankar,K R Mahadik]

[3] Silkworm Sericin: Properties and Biomedical Applications [Regina Inês Kunz ,Rose Meire Costa Brancalhão, Lucinéia de Fátima Chasko Ribeiro and Maria Raquel Marçal Natali]

[4] Can Sericin Prove Useful as a Pleurodesis Agent or Tissue Glue? [Alkin Yazicioglu, Funda Demirag, Ibrahim Onur Alici, Erdal Yekeler, Nurettin Karaoglanoglu]


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About Alexandr&Co.

The Science

The technology behind Alexandr&Co.'s proprietary Silk Sericin Complex is a patented method of extraction which removes the sericin from raw silk threads in its integral form known as integral sericin. This is then combined with a plethora of today's most advanced anti-aging ingredients backed by research and formulated by a team of doctors.   

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Silk Sericin Complex™(SSC)

The award-winning Silk Sericin Complex™ combines raw silk sericin with potent biopeptides, cermaides, plant   placental protein extracts, collagen and hyaluronic acid. Every hand-picked ingredient is backed by published scientific research with direct benefits tailored to aging skin.  Centered around the highest grades of silk sericin and fibroin, the 2 essential proteins that form the cocoon of the silkworm, the Alexandr&Co range helps to create a visible youthful glow, increased elasticity and bounce, a reduced appearance of wrinkles all the while minimizing water loss from skin. 

Alexandr&Co. products are made in the heart of silk, in Gunma Prefecture, Japan.

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