The Surprising Truth About Thread Count

The surprising truth about thread count by Picket&Rail

Threadcount is a system of fabric identification that counts the number of vertical and horizontal threads in one square inch. We’ve been trained to think high thread count equals better quality, instead of comparing weaves and materials. Today, there are many other options, such as Tencel® that are far superior than the 7,000 year old technology.

The truth is, counting threads in a square inch to determine quality is obsolete.

The Facts on Thread Count

Fact 1

The concept of thread count was created before synthetic fibers (e.g. polyester, acrylic) were invented, making the thread count discussion backward-looking.

Fact 2

Thread count assumes that all the yarns being counted within an inch of fabric are of a single strand, like cotton. Synthetic fibers may be made up of hundreds—even thousands—of strands of yarn, which are twisted together.

Therefore, thread count ignores the high number of individual strands that are present in a synthetic, multifilament yarn.

Fact 3

Many different kinds of fibers make up the fabrics we love and touch every day. Natural fibers like cotton, silk, or wool come from plants or animals and can be delicate, but Tencel® which is made from Eucalyptus pulp is durable, long-lasting and retains colours better than their peers.

Plus, our Tencel® bedsheets are Oeko-tex® certified, which means no harmful chemicals were used in the manufacturing process. Cotton sheets are more likely to be bleached to rid of its original beige colour, hence unsafe for the children and elderly.

Fact 4

Threadcount is a figure that’s often manipulated. There’s no governing body or ultimate authority on thread count. People can arrive at thread count by double-counting plied yarns (two or more yarns that are twisted together) or simply overstating the actual physical construction.


Besides being deceptive, inflating thread count is just silly. All leading authorities have determined that thread count alone is not an indicator of quality. As Consumer Reports states, “Our latest tests again confirmed that higher thread count doesn’t guarantee better sheets.” Some of these practices are actually a detriment to quality, resulting in heavy sheets that don’t breathe well or feel stiff and uncomfortable.

It's high time we all move on from cotton. Tencel® has taken over the world by storm and many advocate for its softness, durability, quality, smoothness and much more. Get to know more about Inkagu's Tencel® Fitted Sheets here!