Picket&Rail Participates In MITAS Baby Fair 2022

Picket&Rail Participates In MITAS Baby Fair 2022

The MITAS Baby Show 2022 is the first show organised by the Maternity Infant Trade Association of Singapore (MITAS). The big difference for this show is that all the participants are authorized distributors or original brand owners. There are no resellers or dealers. Visitors to the fair will enjoy the following

  • Direct service from the distributors or brand owners
  • Valid warranties
  • Knowledgeable product advice 
  • Some really fantastic deals

Many baby shows are plagued with dubious participants and parallel importers who are fly by night as there are no restrictions to anyone taking part in them. This one of the main reasons that MITAS was set up to eliminate such incidents and to improve the state of the industry.

No other fair can boast to have this integrity and focus. Other fairs claim to to be bigger than the other due to the outsized ego of the organisers. But this attitude  is to the detriment of the consumers.

The MITAS baby show is now on from 22 June to 24 June 2022 at Singapore Expo.

Below are photos of our booth setup.

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