##1 Picket&Rail Baby Cot Convertible Companion Cabinet + Free 6-in-1 Solid Wood Baby Cot (BC4)

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Product Description

The Baby Cot Convertible Companion Cabinet (BC4) is designed to be the ultimate baby gear storage solution.

Get all your baby necessities organized in one place with everything you need in reach. 

Now you can easily share a room with baby without clutter. The BC4 makes it easy to feed and change baby especially at night.

Fits most of 3 room, 4 room, 5 room HDB and condominium master bedrooms. Picture shows a queen bed with dimensions of 1.9m depth, 1.5m wide and 0.4m height.Made from formaldehyde-free, baby & kids friendly, heat, scratch and moisture-resistant engineered wood for safety and durability. 

Why buy the BC4?

  • Comes in various sizes to fit 1.2m to 1.4m baby cots
  • Limited time offer: Free 6-in-1 Solid Wood Baby Cot #823 with any Baby Companion Cabinet purchase. While stocks last.
  • Made from scratch, heat and moisture-resistant super-engineered wood
  • Highest grade of formaldehyde-free boards, no VOC that harms baby
  • Special pre-tensioned non-bending 25mm thick shelves, withstands up to 150kg loads and no danger of collapses
  • Secured to the wall to ensure safety
  • Can be converted into a study table, bookshelf, or headboard to reduce landfill waste
  • 10 year structural warranty with free delivery and assembly
  • Customizable length, height and depth to fit cots of all sizes
  • Customizable to full ceiling height at 2.4m to minimize wasted wall space
  • Choose between open or closed shelving, swing and sliding doors available
  • Optional LED light and power plug additions
  • Comes in 40 different colours and textures to match your home
  • For upgrade to other premium baby cot models, please visit our showrooms.

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Learn more about the transformations of our baby companion cabinet BC4.


Product Specifications

  • 4 different standard sizes made to fit 1.2m to 1.4m length cots
    • H240cm x L135cm x W30cm 
    • H210cm x L135cm x W30cm 
    • H180 x L135cm x W30cm
    • H160 x L135cm x W30cm
  • Optional LED light
  • Made from scratch, heat and moisture-resistant superengineered wood
  • Certified formaldehyde-free material
  • Combination of closed and open compartmentalized shelves


1. Organise and optimise your baby gear

Multiple compartments let you organise your stuff however you like. Swing doors mean you decide what to hide. Open shelves mean frequently grabbed items are easy to access. 

Mount your own adhesive hooks for even more storage. Hang toys, infant carriers, towels, bibs and more.

BC4's surface allows for strong adhesion and hooks can be removed without leaving glue residue. Much better than sticking hooks on the wall and damaging your paint.

For confident DIY'ers or those with access to a handyman, you can safely screw hooks directly into the BC4 because of the dense Super Engineered Wood. This is not safe for chipboard/particleboard products.

2. Thoughtful design makes life easier for new parents

Can be fitted with useful & convenient LED lights. Change or check on baby in the night without waking your partner by turning on a ceiling light.

Soft-close hinges included with every BC4. Shut the doors with no bang to wake baby every time.

3. Built with the best materials & engineering

Super Engineered wood is ideal for baby furniture.

It resists scratches, heat, stains, termites and moisture.

The BC4’s bottom shelf is extra reinforced. It is 20% thicker than standard carpentry plywood and can withstand up to 150kg of distributed load. Super safe for baby.

Picket&Rail’s professional installers will even wall mount the Companion Cabinet for extra safety.

It is made of the highest-grade formaldehyde-free board. No VOC means no risk of harming baby’s health & development.

4. Designed to fit into Singaporean Homes


Fits most of 3 room, 4 room, 5 room HDB and condominium master bedrooms. Picture shows a queen bed with dimensions of 1.9m depth, 1.5m wide and 0.4m height. Fits Singapore standard queen mattresses. 

5. Fully customisable

If you have specific preferences, we can build a BC4 to your design. 

1. Match your home aesthetic and color scheme. You can choose from 40+ colours and textures. 

2. Custom work means we will make full use of your home's space. Even more storage and efficiency. 

3. Add shelves and doors for more storage, or even electrical points to charge breast pump, night light or other accessories.

4. Free site measurement, consultation and assessment is included. Get pro tips from our trained designers. 

5. Free delivery, assembly, and installation are included. 


6. The BC4 is useful for 30 years, not 3 years.

Too many baby products end up in the trash once baby is all grown up. The BC4 will not. It grows with your baby instead. Transform this cabinet into a study desk or bookshelf and it will continue to be of use until your child gets their keys, gets married and moves out. Super Engineered Wood is designed to last 30 years easily.

The BC4 being converted to a stylish study desk. If you upgraded to LEDs, they can then be used to study with or light up decorative items!

The BC4 after conversion into a study desk.

The BC4 after being converted to a storage shelf.

Conversion service is available at just $120 for delivery, supply and installation. Whatsapp us to order. 


Please read our terms and conditions to learn how to use the product safely.

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