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Vacuum-Packed Mattress For Your Safety

March 25, 2021

Vacuum-Packed Mattress For Your Safety


One consideration a lot of people have when they first start looking at purchasing a new mattress is what kind of mattress to buy. There is a lot of information out there, and so many different types of mattresses! One type of mattress has been gaining a lot of publicity and popularity recently, and with good reason: the vacuum-packed mattress is rising through the ranks of mattresses. It’s been touted as a revolutionary type of mattress, combining cutting-edge innovation and fresh design with ultimate comfort and convenience. But what is a vacuum-packed mattress?


All of our ShinJu models are vacuum sealed. With an airtight packaging, you can be sure no matter how long you store your mattress, once you unroll it, it will be as fresh as the day it was vacuum-packed.


Standard mattresses which are stored in warehouses in plastic covers, are prone to minor tears which often get unnoticed by the naked eye. These tears can allow bacterias, moulds, viruses, bugs and a whole string of other cringy hosts to make the mattresses their new home.

In a post-Covid world, you should all the more be wary of the potential dangers and harm you bring to yourselves and your family.

As for our ShinJu mattresses, should you ever receive a mattress where the vacuum-packaging is compromised, we'll exchange your mattress to a brand new one!


For the everyday person, the thought of buying a new mattress conjures up nightmare images of trying to clumsily manoeuvre a heavy, bulky spring mattress around tight corners and up endless sets of stairs. The vacuum-packed mattress lets you forget about all that!

Because it’s been rolled up and vacuumed into a much smaller size than a typical mattress, it’s so much easier to get from the store to your home. There is no need to wait for delivery or having to lug it to where it needs to be – its compact size makes it so convenient to carry, compared to standard mattresses.


With a combination of foam, memory foam and pocket spring choices, there are a multitude of options to find your perfect, comfortable mattress.

Our ShinJu models also offers a whole suite of benefits – it’s low-maintenance, so you don’t have to turn it over to ensure even wear, and the memory foam is exceptional for relieving pressure and body support.

Click here to start shopping for your very first ShinJu mattress!

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