WinUs Blinds & Curtains Sale Now On! Original Korean Blinds & Curtains From $6.90 psf

WinUs Blinds & Curtains Sale Now On! Original Korean Blinds & Curtains From $6.90 psf

WinUs® is Singapore's #1 Original Korean Blinds & Inventor of Unislat® Smart Curtains. WinUs® has installed millions of blinds in Korean and Singapore homes and has exported to more than 60 countries worldwide.

Types of blinds that we carry include:

☑ Combi Blinds ☑ Honeycomb Blinds ☑ Wooden Blinds ☑ UniSlat Curtains ☑ Cordless Blinds ☑ Automatic Roller Blinds ☑ New Combi Blinds & much more!

This month, we're having a promotion for our top 3 best-selling blinds & curtains. Continue reading to find out what they are:

Original Korean Combi Blinds - Now from $6.90 psf

Why Choose Our Combi Blinds?

Our combi blinds are 100% made in Korea. Every piece of combi blinds are installed with our patented dual-roller mechanisms for much smoother use operation and get perfect straight blinds every time. Zero light leakage. A must-have for all bedrooms and study rooms.

100% Blackout Blinds - Now from $9.90 psf

Why Choose Our Blackout Blinds?

Our dual roller blackout blinds will help you sleep better and we recommend them particularly for bedrooms. A lot of parents enjoy the benefits of having a blackout blind in a child’s room because it can darken a room if they take a daytime nap. The thicker fabric keeps outside noise levels down, acting as a kind of sound-proofing barrier to the outside world. Obviously, you’re still going to hear some noise but the fabric acts as a useful bit of acoustic dampening which is always beneficial for light sleepers.

Original Unislat Smart Curtains - Now from $16.90 psf

Why Choose Our Unislat Smart Curtains?

What is a Unislat®?

WinUs is the original inventor of the Unislat® Smart Curtain system and is trademarked by Picket&Rail® Singapore. The Unislat® smart curtain system:

  • is both your DAY and NIGHT curtain in one system
  • can be used as a blind, a curtain, a door or a room partition
  • is washable and super-easy to maintain
  • comes in various colors
  • ours is the original Unislat curtains; 100% made in Korea; beware of imitations

Advantages of Unislat®

  1. Lightweight & Ultra-soft Texture - It is produced with non-woven or PVC material high quality fabric which is extremely lightweight and much softer than any other existing curtains in the market today.
  2. Rotational Wand - With a simple twist or turn of the wand, you can control with human precision, the amount of light or privacy you need.
  3. Individual Separated Vanes - Because the Unislat® is actually made up of individual vane strips of fabric, this makes it easier to take a peek outside or band the desired amount of separated vanes together for added style.
  4. Large Range of Colors & Patterns - 7 colors, 7 patterns. And because the vanes are separated individually, you can MIX-AND-MATCH various colors and pattern designs to suit your decor.
  5. Washable Fabrics - Unislat® fabrics has anti-pollutant coating on the surface so it is easy to keep clean. All you ever need to do is to detach individual curtain strips.




Visit Picket&Rail Megastore @ 25 Tagore Lane today to view our entire Korean blinds and Unislat curtain samples. Or WhatsApp us today at: +65 8898 4395 (Mr. Siong).

We make the trip worth it:

✅ FREE delivery and installation (worth $300)

✅ FREE Grab/Gojek/Comfort ride to our Furniture, Art & Baby Megastore @ 25 Tagore with any purchase of $200 and above

✅ FREE basement parking with any purchase of $200 and above

✅ FREE anti-Covid HomeGuard365® self-disinfecting coating for all new furniture purchases

✅ Upgrade to our 10-year warranty by becoming a Picket&Rail member (Free & 0 hassle sign up!)

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