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Auspicious Dining For The New Year

October 03, 2017

Auspicious Dining For The New Year

Reunion dinners are on the horizon. Food, feelings and family will take center stage again and the grand stage for this very important communal eating tradition is the ubiquitous dining set. The singular most important family meal of the year is the culmination of a labour of love and is usually a bountiful feast arrayed upon the dining table. Prepare ahead of time this Lunar New Year and consider a space-saving extendable dining table that can accommodate a large party. An extendable dining table can be quickly and easily adapted to changing dining needs. After all, a good party planner plans as much as he can in advance, but also understands that things may change at a moment’s notice and is perfectly adept at tweaking plans on the fly.

2014 is the year of the horse in the Chinese zodiac. More specifically, it is the year of the green wood horse, which promises a good outlook, better than 2013. Wood has always been the classic choice for dining tables due to its innate beauty, natural warmth, phenomenal durability as well as its ability to match both traditional and contemporary decors. Meals are made even more pleasurable for dining off wood. Studies have also proven that wood has natural antimicrobial properties. Here are 5 dining set picks for you this festive season.

Picket&Rail’s bestselling extendable (1.4 to 1.8m) Brandon dining table constructed from solid Malaysian oak possesses clean lines and is perfectly proportioned. Its tabletop is appealing brown tempered glass with a metal underside that is all bracketed by solid wood. The Brandon dining table’s unique design incorporates both traditional and modern elements, adding pizzazz to the dining area. That coupled with its easy functionality account for its popularity. The table’s wooden extension revealed by way of a hidden sliding mechanism that can be operated one-handed stretches the table lengthwise to immediately accommodate a group. It goes from accommodating 5 people when tucked in to 7 when extended. Dining chairs with distinctive angled wooden back legs and seats and backs fully upholstered in comfortable fabric complete the Brandon dining set.

Picket&Rail’s new Laura Butterfly extendable (1.5m to 1.8m) table also becomes party-ready in an instant thanks to a wooden gear sliding mechanism. It can be made longer with its expandable form which takes seating from 5 to 7. The Laura Butterfly table has an intriguing angled “cutout”, sleek design in a walnut finish. Wooden dining chairs with angled back legs and distinctive, complementary cutout designs on the backs accentuate the dining table. The seats and backs of the chairs are also fully upholstered in fabric for comfort during meals.

If space constraints aren’t a concern of yours, Picket&Rail’s Chicago dining table from their Chicago industrial collection is a statement piece that resembles a workbench and will be the focal point of any dining area. It also creates good feng shui energy in the home. Lightly glazed solid American poplar wood slabs make up the generous tabletop that also boasts gunmetal studded rivets.

Three or more elements present out of the five feng shui elements (wood, fire, metal, water and earth) will balance each other; the composite Chicago industrial dining table has wood, metal and earth (represented by the rustic look of the table). Wood (American poplar trees) feeds the earth while metal is tempered by earth and imbues the wood with strength. Without the earth, the metal would be too stark for the wood.

The raw natural beauty of timbre on display is also emphasized by the unique splayed table legs that also feature a special turnbuckle stretcher beam. The Chicago dining chairs also feature stretcher beams in a classic design with seats and backrests upholstered in easy-to-clean PU leather.

Glass top dining tables instantly make your dining area more stylish in addition to being a breeze to clean. Picket&Rail’s Harper dining table has a 9mm thick clear tempered glass top that perfectly showcases the beautiful design of the wooden legs. The table’s unique base made from solid Malaysian oak also improves the stability of the tabletop. The Harper dining chairs have subtly curved back legs that contrast with the lines of the dining set. The chairs’ seats and backs are fully upholstered in fabric with tufted padding.

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