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Ysa Coffee Table (Large) American Walnut - CT3001

Wood Base

Inspired by Isamu Noguchi, "Noguchi Coffee Table"

Interesting Facts:

  • "Everything is sculpture” - Noguchi
  • "I went to Hawaii in 1939 to do an advertisement. As a result of this, I had met (a) the furniture designer, who had asked me to do a coffee table for him. I designed a small model in plastic and heard no further before I went west." (He interned in an Arizona concentration camp during World War II. During his time there, he was surprised to see a variation of the small model table he had done published as an advertisement for the designer.)
"When, on my return, I remonstrated, he said anybody could make a three-legged table… In revenge, I made my own variant of my own table."

Product Brief:

  • solid American Walnut base + tempered glass top
  • product dimensions: W125 x D90 x H40 cm
  • carton dimensions 1: L101 x W45 x H8.5 cm
  • carton dimensions 2: L138.5 x W101.5 x H6.5 cm
  • 1pc/2cartons
  • approx. weight 49.6kg

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