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A&B Home, Inc. was founded in 1993 and recognized as an international leader within the home décor, furniture, garden and seasonal product categories.

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The key to create a lasting, positive first impression on your guests with your house is to dress up your living room. By putting in effort to design a stylish, luxurious space, you’re bound to amaze anyone who steps foot into your abode. If you’re inspired by the hotels and resorts you’ve patronized while globe-trotting, this article is for you.
Trays are the most versatile decorative in your home accessories arsenal. They come in multiple colours, shapes, sizes, styles and forms that can organize your items and elevate your style. When hosting an afternoon tea with your girlfriends or dinner drinks with guests, beautiful trays come in handy for service and cleaning. If you’re still doubtful of how a decorative tray can change your life, read on for Picket&Rail’s foolproof styling tips below!
To remove the waxy mess, you don't need special tools or lots of time. Patience and a kitchen goes a long way. Here are 4 methods to remove candle wax that will surely work, for jars of all shapes and sizes.

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