VIRGINIA Swing Study Table (F5-TORRAN-0012)



Product Description

  • Modern shelf with fold-out desk
  • Made of premium rubber hardwood
  • Open shelving with fold-out desk
  • Dimensions: 1200 x 450 x 740 mm

Virginia Swing Study Desk possesses unique architectural style in spades. Its airy-lightness looks belie the serious functionality it has going on. An open S-shaped shelving unit in a contrasting white underneath the walnut-colored wooden table top is underpinned by two wooden posts that match the table top. These center posts, along with the base of the shelving unit, keep the desk very stable. The straight legs of the Virginia Swing Study Desk, with a unique taper at the very end, are braced further with a stretcher beam. The Virginia Swing Study Desk instantaneously doubles its surface area for studying when you swivel it out and use the revealed shelving platform top as a desktop. You and your study partner can swing the table top out a complete 180 degrees to sit side by side or even closer together, as the swing design allows for a myriad of positions. The Virginia Swing Study Desk maximizes space in your home, as well as your funds.