Customized Full-Height Shoe Cabinet - Walnut **STARBUY** (Pre-order)


Store up to more than 40 pairs of shoes with our full-height (2.4m height) shoe cabinet which features multiple shelves and top and bottom swing doors to keep them hidden. Made using super-engineered wood and quality hardware parts that is built to last!

For other colors and designs, visit our showroom at 25 Tagore Lane.

*Lead time for the Pre-order item is around min. 8-12 weeks.

Our RTG® - Ready To Go Unlimited Carpentry Series

Our RTG carpentry series is a set of pre-design pre-tested products that can be rapidly customised to fit any room in Singapore. We have thousands of designs. Just visit us at our Design Center @ 25 Tagore and our consultants will assist you without obligation.

Full-Height Shoe Cabinet

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