SL Studio - Award For Careless Talk WWII US Military (PT984-8)

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Say what you will about them, but American propaganda posters pack a punch.

This is a 1944 poster issued by the US Government. Designed to remind troops not to discuss sensitive military information such as force composition or troop movements with civilians, prostitutes, or anyone without a 'need-to-know', the poster implies that letting such information slip carelessly into the ears of enemy spies or collaborators might be so valuable to the Nazis that they would give the loose-lipped soldier in question a medal.

The medal featured is an 'iron cross', which was awarded to Nazi soldiers for exceptional bravery on the battlefield.

Product Specifications

Type | Framed Art
Medium | Prints > Lithograph
Style | Expressionistic, Impressionistic
Subject | Posters > Character
Creation | 2013
Author | Studio
Size | W88.2cm x H111cm ; W34.7inches x H43.7inches