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真珠 Shin Ju IV Anti-Microbial Pocketed Spring Latex Mattress with Double-Pillow Top in Super Cool Lycocell® 4 Fabric (MAT-2P29PL-R)

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Product Description

Our original Shin Ju IV (真珠) latex mattress with Supakuru (super cool) double-knitted fabric is a bestselling model in Japan, Korea, and China. Its quality is similar to mattresses retailing at 4 to 6 times its price. Its quality is comparable to the big named brands.

More than 100,000 units are sold a month since its launch in 2015. More than a million people cannot be wrong.

Shin Ju IV is the upgraded version of Shin Ju, with individual pocketed spring,  Lycocell 4 cooling fabric, super plush and luxurious pillow top and 13 inches thick, its premium quality and build provide ultimate comfort yet at very low price. 


Product Details 

Product Specification:
Dimensions: Queen: L150 x D190 x H33 cm
King: L180 x D190 x H33 cm
Gross Weight: 52 kg
Inner Support: Individual Pocketed Double Tampered Springs
Cover Type: Supakuru 2 Cooling Fabric (Double Knitted)
Shipping Information:
Charge: Check in-stores for rates.
ETA: Deliver in 3 to 8 Weeks.
Buyer's Assurance:
Warranty: 6 Months Limited Structural Warranty
Return policy: 30 days. For any manufacturing defect.
Terms & Conditions Apply
Important Notes:
Unpacking: Please use blunt-end scissors when unpacking mattress
Additional Assembly Support:


Why Shin-Ju IV Mattress?


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Eco-friendly Ju III Latex Foam Pocketed Spring Mattress1

The Shin Ju Story

The Shin Ju (真珠) mattress was designed to change the way the mattress industry operates. For too long the mattress industry has taken advantage of the ignorant masses to enjoy massive profits. Mark-ups ranged from 10 to 20 times of factory costs. We want to change all this.

1. The original Shin Ju (真珠) mattress was designed specifically for SEX. The literal meaning is "real pearl". Shin Ju is used colloquially as an erotic term in the Japanese language. 

2. Just Three Mattresses - Almost all major mattress brands have dozens of models. By having only three we can bring manufacturing and marketing costs down. We focus our resources on developing the best three mattresses in the world in the under $2,000/- category. 

3. By having the price lowered to just $499 for a luxury specified model we can sell in volume. We continue to use luxury materials such as latex foam, double knitted fabrics, Supakuru high tech wicking technology and double tempered carbon springs. 200,000 mattresses are sold in Asia per month. To lower costs we have done away with fancy labels, trimmings and non functional items.

4. By delivering 2 models in a rolled and compressed we can shave of delivery costs from the factory right up to the home. We can cut logistic costs by up to 4 times. We offer free delivery for all three models.

5. Our factory direct to consumer model cuts out the middlemen and further reduces costs. Traditional mattress brands use importers, stockists, wholesalers, dealers and licencing agents. These layers just increase the mark-ups.

6. We have also have done away with the chain store concept. We focus on e-commerce and just one showroom. No huge rentals, no army of salesmen salaries and commissions and lower operational costs. 

7. We are so confident of our product we provide a six month warranty up to the full purchase value of the mattress. Our competitors have bullshit 20 year limited warranties with a million conditions that literally render their warranty useless. If the mattress is not suitable just return the mattress to our service centre in good condition in the original plastic bag. No questions asked.

8. Our Shin Ju I mattress is specially developed with a focus on SEX. It is firmer and has extra bounce for better timed movement. Its matrix integrated spring system is specially developed for continuous impact, roll and both vertical and horizontal sway. This mattress is additional fitted with an M-Guard edge support. This prevents the mattress edge from sinking in certain sex positions. This M-Guard however prevents this mattress from being rolled and compressed. The sleeping surface uses our original super cool fabric (Lycocell® 2) which is specially formulated for hotter and more humid climates.

9. Our Shin Ju III mattress is specially developed with a focus on SLEEP. It has an extra pillow top for better side-sleep support. More than 60% of the population are side sleepers. It is also suitable for heavier people with weights exceeding 80kg. The sleeping surface uses our most advance super cool fabric (Lycocell® 4) which is specially formulated for hotter and more humid climates.

10. Our Shin Ju II mattress is specially developed to fit 97.3% of the world's population. It is suitable for both SEX and SLEEP. Its euro-top provides support for all positions of sleep. Suitable for people with weights from 40 to 90kg. The sleeping surface uses our advance super cool fabric (Lycocell® 3) which is specially formulated for hotter and more humid climates.

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