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Roly Armchair (Woven Cord Seat) - CH7252A

Inspired by Hans Wegner, "The Round Chair"

Interesting Facts:

  • "The Round Chair" was seen in the televised presidential debates between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon.
  • Wegner believed that a chair should be made well enough to last at least 50 years.
  • "The chair is designed so that you can move around in it," says his daughter Mari-anne Wegner. "It doesn't restrict you. You have to move when you sit; the blood has to flow."
  • The loggers the production company works with only cut trees that are about to topple. The bottom 6-8 meters of the trunk - the sturdiest and widest part - are cut and dried in preparation for shaping (the remainder is used as fuel to heat the workshop). Each tree yields about 50 chairs.
Dimensions: 63.5w x 53d x 75.5h cm

Body Frame

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