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J79 Mesh-backed High-Density Foam Cushioned Office Chair

Our office chairs are extremely popular in Japan. Both the quality and price are unbelievable. Made of high-quality PVC and components. Other online sites are selling similar products at double or triple the price. Super easy to install. One step process. Designed for ladies to install.

  1. Different colors and materials to choose from
  2. Tilting, height and rocking adjustments function
  3. Suitable for both adults and children. 


  • We use NinjaVan to deliver the chair, you will receive an email notification once the chair is picked up by NinjaVan, a tracking ID will be provided in the email as well. You can track delivery at www.ninjavan.sg using the tracking ID provided
  • Leg Cover: Please note that Nylon leg does not have leg cover, the cover is only applicable to Metal leg models, it is used to cover the welding joint.
  • Online order only, no cash&carry in our showroom nor collection center.



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