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Norya Customized Sintered Stone Top Dining Table (Premium)


Product Description

  • Sintered stone tops are customizable to any desired table lengths and widths and colours.
  • 10-year warranty for all sintered stone tops.
  • The premium range of designs are included in the product images above. To view more designs, check out the basic sintered stone range.
  • Choose from four different table legs from solid wood to premium matte-finished powder-coated black steel.
  • With great aesthetics and outstanding performance, sintered stone easily fulfils the demanding stature of residential requisites.

What Is Sintered Stone?

  • Sintered stone is a man-made material, a composite of clays, feldspars, kaolin and quartz that are blended, compacted and fired above 1,200ºC. 
  • Appearance of sintered stone varies from matte, honed, brushed or glossy finish with consistent, uniformed colour and patterning.
  • There is a wide selection of man-made and mimicked natural colours for sintered stone.








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