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Mussvital® Sensitive Skin Lotion + Shower Gel 12-Piece Pack


What Do I Get

  • 10x 400ml bottles of Sensitive Skin Shower Gel (Usual: $24.90/bottle)
  • 2x 400ml bottles of Sensitive Skin Body Lotion (Usual: $29.90/bottle)
  • Free delivery included; while stocks last

About Mussvital® Sensitive Skin Body Lotion

  • Mussvital Sensitive Skin Body Lotion (400ml) is formulated for the daily care of sensitive skin of children and adults.
  • The lotion is designed to care and protect for the most delicate skin, providing deep, long-lasting hydration of the skin.
  • It contains DuraQuenchTM IQ SA and SyruCalmTM CLR (PC), which helps to relieve and reduce skin inflammation, and provides barrier repair for traumatised skin.

About Mussvital® Sensitive Skin Shower Gel

  • Mussvital Sensitive Skin Shower Gel (400ml) is a specific dermatological formula used for the daily care and hygiene of sensitive skin in adults and children.
  • It is soap-free, and offers a soft, skin-friendly cleansing base.
  • Thanks to DuraQuenchTM IQ SA and SyruCalmTM CLR (PC), Mussvital Sensitive Shower Gel helps to soften the skin and balances the natural defences of the skin.
  • It is suitable for the care of most sensitive skin.


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