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Mendosa 3-Seater Sofa (Fabric) - SF7225C (2.0m version)

Seat Upholstery

Inspired by Florence Knoll

Interesting Facts:

  • Designed in 1954, the sofa consists of a distinct, fully tufted, seat and back covering attached to an exposed metal or wood frame and legs.
  • Florence Knoll was a protegee of Eero Saarinen whilst she was a student on the campus of the Canbrook Academy of Art. She then worked briefly for Walter Gropius, Marcel Breuer and Wallace K. Harrison. In 1946, she married Hans Knoll after which they formed the Knoll Associates where she revolutionized interior space planning with her belief in "total design" - embracing all aspects of design principles which were radical departures from the standard practices in 1950s, but were quickly adopted and remain widely used today. The sofa is a true testament to that even after all this while.
Dimensions: 200w x 82d x 77h cm
(Note: Due to the size of the sofa, kindly check and determine your full ability to receive the product. This includes ensuring that the product ordered will pass freely into your room of choice, and that they fit in that room, can be transported through the front door of your flat or room, stairs and doorways, and any other issues that could make the delivery more complicated or impossible to process.)

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