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Maxi-Cosi Titan Pro Baby Car Seat - Authentic Red 2021 model (9m-12y) (9-36kg) MC8604600110

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Product Description

An ever-growing developing and maturing child soon grows out of things. with the Maxi-Cosi Titan Pro GrowSafe headrest design you know exactly when it safe to move up next age level from approx months old all way years old. is first used a comfortable toddler inlay safety harness fasten before becoming booster that uses regular car seatbelt. open seat designed accommodate your growing while enhanced G-CELL AirProtect technology keep them along way. also provides supreme comfort for children its cooling bamboo fabrics cozy cushion padding help relaxed entire ride.



  • Ease of use
    • GrowSafe headrest - For best and safest fit at every stage
    • Simultaneous safety harness and headrest adjustment
    • Innovative easy-in harness stays open to easily get the child in and out in seconds
    • Quick buckle up for children from 4-12 years
    • Washable cover
    • Includes cup holder
  • Comfort
    • 3 recline positions
    • Toddler cushion for best fit and comfort
    • Bamboo cooling fabrics
  • Safety
    • Superior GCELL side-impact technology for shoulder area
    • AirProtect side-impact technology for extra head protection
    • ISOFIX installation with top tether
    • Excellent test results
    • Confirmation of correct ISOFIX installation
  • 5-point safety harness
  • Side-Protection System
  • Forward-facing car seat


Product Specifications

  • Recommended:
    • Age: 9 months to 12 years
    • Height: 0 to 150cm
    • Weight: 9 to 36kg
  • Product dimensions (cm): H63.5 x L53.5 x W48
  • Product weight (kg): 6.15
  • ISOFIX and car's seat belt installation
  • Optional ISOFIX and top tether installation after child grows to 4 years and above
  • Open design - Easy to get child in and out of car
  • G-CELL technology - Ultimate side impact safety for your child's vulnerable shoulders
  • AirProtect side impact technology - Extra protection for your child's head from side impact forces
  • 5-point safety harness - Keeps child safe and stable all the time
  • GrowSafe headrest - With indications on when your child is big enough to use the vehicle's safety belt


Product Video


Product Dimensions



General FAQs

Height and weight more important than age.

Never buy a child car seat that is too big, make sure it is appropriate for your child’s height (i-Size) or weight (ECE R44/04 ) from the first day of use. The appropriate category is stated on the orange ECE approval often placed at the bottom of the car seat. Age categories are also often stated, but because one child can be heavier than the other, the age group should be considered primarily an indication.

It is safest to buy a car seat to suit your child’s height or weight as they grow, rather than buy a car seat that covers the whole weight range (using the same car seat from birth to 3½ years, or longer).

Babies have a large and heavy head compared to the rest of their body. In addition, their neck muscles are not yet fully developed. If the baby is transported in a forward-facing position, his or her head will be thrown forward in the event of a head-on collision. This can cause serious neck injury and may even be fatal. By placing the baby in a rear-facing position, the forces exerted during the crash will be distributed across the baby’s entire back. Discover more about rearward facing travelling.

The support pillow provides your child with added comfort right after birth. There is no specific age at which the support pillow should be removed from the Maxi-Cosi car seat. This depends on the size of your child. Once you notice that your child is no longer lying comfortably because his or her head is lying on the ‘roll’, you can remove the support pillow from the Maxi-Cosi car seat.

We recommend that your child remain in the first car seat, Group 0 or 0+ (0-13 months) i.e. facing backwards, as long as possible because this is the safest and usually the most comfortable position. As long as the back of your child's head is fully supported by the plastic shell, we recommend using the infant car seat. The length of the child’s legs is not an important factor here. It is extremely unwise to put a child into a larger, forward-facing car seat too early.

ISOFIX is an international standardized fitting system, which provides the safest, easiest and quickest way to install a child car seat correctly without the need of vehicle seat belts. The name ISOFIX stands for ISO (International Standardization Organization) plus FIX (Fixation). ISOFIX car seats make use of two standard attachment points located at the base of the seat, plus an anti-tipping forward device: either a support leg or top tether. From 2006 all new cars are equipped with ISOFIX, and ISOFIX is also fitted in a large number of car brands built prior to 2006.

i-Size (R129) is a new European regulation, active from July 2013, that aims at increasing children safety in car by supporting rearward facing travelling up to at least 15 months, promoting universal ISOFIX installation, and improving safety standards for additional protection for head and neck.

Maxi-Cosi®'s Safest Car Seat Tecnologies

How does our G-Cell car seat work? 

G-cell is a series of hexagonal cells that are built into the side of the car seat. If there is a crash, these specially shaped cells will spread the G-forces created by the impact away from your child’s body. Put simply, it works a bit like the crumple zone provided by your car's bumper. By absorbing the forces more effectively, less damage is caused to what lies behind it.

What part of the body does G-Cell protect? 

We've integrated G-Cell into the side structure of the car seat in the shoulder area. You'll find it in a range of our car seats, including our from-birth Mica baby car seat and our state-of-the-art Titan Pro car seat, which is suitable from nine months to 12 years. 

How does Air Safety Technology® work? 

Air Safety Technology® is specifically designed to protect your child if they are travelling forward-facing and there is a head-on crash. The airbags reduce the impact forces around your little one's head by immediately inflating in case of a crash and safely cushioning your child.  

Our car seat with Air Safety Technology® have a CO2 cartridge that is integrated into the back of the seat. If there is a collision, the two airbags in the shoulder pads will automatically inflate. These bags deflate again a second later for your reassurance. 

Did you know? 

Car airbags are designed and positioned to protect adult heads, not those of children. With a Maxi-Cosi car seat with Air Safety Technology®, your child travels with airbag protection in just the right place.

Our products are thoroughly tested 

When you buy one of our child car seats, you're investing in years of research, development and testing. We check, examine and test new materials in laboratories and we use independent test centres too.

Standard testing speed for frontal collisions is 48km/h, yet we conduct our tests at 72km/h and simulate extra crash tests for both side and frontal collisions. As a result, we have developed ground-breaking technology to ensure children are shielded in the event of a side-impact crash.

Our crash tests are so advanced that they’re often also used by EU regulators. Experts carry out more than 2,000 crash tests on our products every year to check existing products and develop new technology. That’s why Maxi-Cosi is renowned for using cutting-edge innovation for safe, reliable car seats. 

Our demanding crash tests are similar to those carried out by the independent and internationally respected car safety expert, Euro NCAP.

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