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Maja Rocking Chair (American Walnut) - CH6135


Inspired by Charles and Ray Eames, "Eames Molded Plastic Rocker" 

Interesting Facts:

  • Designed in 1948 by designer Charles Eames, the rocker (rocking chair) originally consisted of fiberglass-reinforced plastic molded into a deep seat with a high backrest and birch or maplewood rockers underfoot.
  • One of the first products in Charles and wife Ray's line of mass-produced molded plastic chairs. It was crafted to distribute the sitter's weight and pressure comfortably. At the time of its release, the rocker was considered a practical alternative to the existing fiberglass Chaise and a far more colorful option than the Eameses' wooden models already on the market.
  • Despite ceasing production of the rocker in 1968(until they reintroduced it 30 years later) pregnant employees of the Eameses Office continued to receive the chair as a company gift until 1984, solidfying the rocker as a icon of high-end decor.
Dimensions: 61.5w x 68d x 70.5h cm

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