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KUKA #1281 Half Leather Top Grain L-Shaped Leather Sofa( O/NL Series ) (I)

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This sofa model features a wide-tufted design with adjustable headrests and stainless steel legs. Available in both full leather or half-leather options (half-leather refers to the area of most contact will be upholstered in full top-grain leather; while other parts of the sofa with minimal contact such as the back and sides are upholstered in half-leather). The L-shaped portion can be on the left or right side facing as per your request.


  • 1-Seater: L980 x W1030 x H710 mm (Seat Depth: 550 mm)
  • 2-Seater: L1650 x W1030 x H710 mm (Seat Depth: 550 mm)
  • 3-Seater: L2000 x W1030 x H710 mm (Seat Depth: 550 mm)
  • L-Shaped: L2330 x W1730 x H710mm ( 2+ Chasie )
  • L-Shaped: L2830 x W1730 x H710mm ( 3+ Chasie )



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