Koln 1-Seater Sofa

Seat Upholstery

Inspired by Jesper Holm, "Biotop Sofa" 

Interesting Facts:

  • The Koln sofa is designed for the aesthetic user who wants a piece of furniture and not a bed in the living room. It is perfect in front of the home cinema, for reading and for conversation.
  • Crumbs, fluff and mites do not pile up in the 'folds' as in conventional sofas; they fall to the floow and will be removed by the vacuum cleaner. When you sit in the Koln sofa, you do not sit on old crumbs and dirt - it keeps itself clean.
  • The construction with spaces between the cushions makes the sofa light to look at and provides air for the body so you do not sweat on a hot humid day.
  • Available in one, two or three seater sofas.
Dimensions: 90.5w x 85d x 75h cm

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