NocheNoche® Organic Tencel® Anti-Bedbug Waterproof King Fitted Bedsheet (43CM) - RED (183X191X43CM)

Product Details

Our fitted sheets give you premium soft comfort while protecting your mattress without you even realising it.

The bi-elasticity in our fitted bedsheets ensures smooth, always fitting, rumple-free fit up to 25cm and 43cm mattress thickness.

The King Fitted Bedsheet comes in two size offerings:

  • King Size (25cm) : 183cm x 191cm x 25cm
  • King Size (43cm) : 183cm x 191cm x 43cm  ◄
Weight 1.08 kg
Packed Dimensions 25.5 x 7.4 x 31.4 cm

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What's so Special about Noche Noche's Fitted Bedsheets?