INKAGU Tencel SuperCool EasyCare Fitted Bedsheet (Single/Super Single/Queen/King)


Product Details

Sleep cool on the softest, smoothest and silkiest Inkagu® Tencel® SuperCool EasyCare™ fitted sheets. 

With patented European technology, our sheets rejuvenate your skin, inhibit bacterial growth, and protect your mattress all in a night’s work. 

Our fitted sheets come in various colours and fit mattresses with thickness from 25cm to 43cm.

If you find any holes, tears or leaks within the first 14 days of purchase, bring it back to us and we’ll gladly replace it.

Fitted Sheet Size Single: 91 x 191 cm
Super Single: 107 x 191 cm
Queen: 152 x 191 cm
King: 183 x 191 cm
Mattress Thickness 25 cm to 43 cm
Weight 0.94 kg
Packed Dimensions 25.5 x 7.4 x 31.4 cm


  • Made from 100% Tencel® for premium soft comfort 
  • Naturally hypoallergenic, suitable for the most sensitive skin 
  • SuperCool breathable Tencel® fabric to keep you cool through warm nights
  • Elastics are sewn on all sides for wrinkle-free fit
  • Waterproof properties to protect your mattress from stains
  • Fitted with Dermofresh™ technology for longer freshness
  • Cosmetic Grade Zinc Oxide has antibacterial and anti-aging benefits
  • Matches with Inkagu® SuperCool EasyCare™ Pillow Cases

Care instructions:

Do not use fabric softener. Dryer-friendly. Wash with regular detergent and tumble dry on low heat. Do not iron.

  1. Silky Soft - Can't believe the difference genuine Tencel makes. Our product is certified by Tencel. 
  2. So Cool and comfortable - So breathable. Makes sleeping easy. Tencel is a natural wick that dissipates heat and moisture. I sleep so much better.
  3. Brushes So Easily - Hair comes right off. Human, cats or dogs. I have stopped worrying about my cat leaving his fur behind.
  4. Smells Fresh Longer - Smells fresh like forever because of our DERMOFRESH technology. This technology is the perfect combination of the best natural fibre fabric, Tencel, with a special breathable waterproof membrane. We call this membrane ‘Second-skin’. The ‘Second-skin’ membrane behaves as if it were indeed a second skin; it breathes, is waterproof, elastic, makes no noise and is invisible to the eye. Above all, it doesn’t interfere at all with the luxurious comfort of your pillows and mattresses. 
  5. Use Any Detergent - My usual detergent works.
  6. So Soft After Washing - No fabric softener required. I love the savings.
  7. Dries So Quickly - Dryer Friendly Or just Air dry. No time for bacteria or mildew to set in. I am really glad of this feature during the rainy season.
  8. Wrinkle Free - So smooth looking all the time. No irritating folds or creases to disturb my sleep.
  9. Fits like a Glove - Slightly elastic, fits well and I always love that it looks so smart. Takes me just 10 seconds to make my bed look good.
  10. Protects Against Germs & Liquids - My mattress not only looks brand new everytime I change the sheets but smells wonderful too.
  11. Pharma Grade 4 Permanent Zinc Oxide - My Skin Feels So Smooth. I can't believe the infused zinc oxide is my best skincare ingredient. Effect does not diminish.
  12. So lightweight - So easy to put on and fold.
  13. So durable - Supported by a 3 Year Warranty.
  14. Anti Color Fading - Property Of Tencel. I like it when my bedsheets look nicer and vibrant longer.
  15. Tencel is softer than Cotton many times over - Thank goodness the concept of threadcount is completely obsolete. It is only useful for comparing between cotton sheets.
  16. So Cool - Tencel is more absorbent than cotton. I feel cooler so much faster. I now fall asleep faster and sleep deeper longer.
  17. So easy to use - The all round continuous elastic make my bed making chores so much easier. 

The World's Coolest & Most Protective Bedsheets

Test drive our bedsheets today and feel the coolness. Our showroom consultants will demonstrate the protective features.

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