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Inkagu® Tencel® SuperCool EasyCare™ Fitted Bedsheet + Pillow Case Bundle - 3-Piece/Pack (Queen/King)


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Product Details

Our Tencel® fitted bedsheets give you premium soft comfort while protecting your mattress without you even realising it. This 3-piece bedsheet set includes a bedsheet plus two pillow covers (pillow cover size: 70cm x 50cm). Applicable for Queen & King sizes only.

The bi-elasticity in our fitted bedsheets ensures smooth, always fitting, rumple-free fit up to 25cm and 43cm mattress thickness.

Bedsheet comes in four size offerings with two types of mattress thickness (25cm & 43cm):

  • Single Size : 91cm x 191cm
  • Super Single : 107cm x 191cm
  • Queen : 152cm x 191cm
  • King : 183cm x 191cm 
Weight 0.94 kg
Packed Dimensions 25.5 x 7.4 x 31.4 cm



  1. Silky Soft - Can't believe the difference genuine Tencel makes. Our product is certified by Tencel. 
  2. So Cool and comfortable - So breathable. Makes sleeping easy. Tencel is a natural wick that dissipates heat and moisture. I sleep so much better.
  3. Brushes So Easily - Hair comes right off. Human, cats or dogs. I have stopped worrying about my cat leaving his fur behind.
  4. Smells Fresh Longer - Smells fresh like forever because of our DERMOFRESH technology. This technology is the perfect combination of the best natural fibre fabric, Tencel, with a special breathable waterproof membrane. We call this membrane ‘Second-skin’. The ‘Second-skin’ membrane behaves as if it were indeed a second skin; it breathes, is waterproof, elastic, makes no noise and is invisible to the eye. Above all, it doesn’t interfere at all with the luxurious comfort of your pillows and mattresses. 
  5. Use Any Detergent - My usual detergent works.
  6. So Soft After Washing - No fabric softener required. I love the savings.
  7. Dries So Quickly - Dryer Friendly Or just Air dry. No time for bacteria or mildew to set in. I am really glad of this feature during the rainy season.
  8. Wrinkle Free - So smooth looking all the time. No irritating folds or creases to disturb my sleep.
  9. Fits like a Glove - Slightly elastic, fits well and I always love that it looks so smart. Takes me just 10 seconds to make my bed look good.
  10. Protects Against Germs & Liquids - My mattress not only looks brand new everytime I change the sheets but smells wonderful too.
  11. Pharma Grade 4 Permanent Zinc Oxide - My Skin Feels So Smooth. I can't believe the infused zinc oxide is my best skincare ingredient. Effect does not diminish.
  12. So lightweight - So easy to put on and fold.
  13. So durable - Supported by a 3 Year Warranty.
  14. Anti Color Fading - Property Of Tencel. I like it when my bedsheets look nicer and vibrant longer.
  15. Tencel is softer than Cotton many times over - Thank goodness the concept of threadcount is completely obsolete. It is only useful for comparing between cotton sheets.
  16. So Cool - Tencel is more absorbent than cotton. I feel cooler so much faster. I now fall asleep faster and sleep deeper longer.
  17. So easy to use - The all round continuous elastic make my bed making chores so much easier. 



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