FLEXI Work@Home Transformer Coffee Writing Table


Presenting our FLEXI Work@Home transformable coffee table which is also a study desk hidden in plain sight. 

This "Transformer" is designated by the spirit of Work-Life-Balance and a hybrid of leisure set and work station.   


  • Top Width - 130 cm
  • Height - 45cm, the typical height of a coffee table that matches and most suitable height with our sofa/recliners products. 
  • Alternate Height - 73 to 75cm after fully lift up table, the typical height of a dining table that matches with our dining products.  
  • Bench with 5cm thickness cushion (memory foam) to give you a comfortable enjoyment.  
  • Hardware made by German technology that gives you a confident 3-year structural warranty. 
  • Fully-dimensional lamination that minimizes the occurrence of peeling headache.

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