Decorative Plants - Potted Faux "Black Prince" Succulent (F2639)


The Design
With its weathered pot, vibrant green leaves, and delicate spikes, this Potted Faux “Black Prince” Succulent offers the timeless beauty of a real plant without the usual maintenance or hassle. The versatile size of this accent piece enables it fit on a desk, mantle, or countertop. This faux succulent adds texture and color to a rustic, traditional, farmhouse, eclectic- or globally-decorated space.

The Features
Realistic detailing for a lush,natural look
Versatile size and style for any home or office
Features the durability and ease of faux floral

Product Details
70% Plastic
30% Terocotta

Measurement: 36 x 52.5 x 35cm
Weight: 4.6kg
CBM: 0.0662㎥

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