#1 Brooklyn Solid Wood Single Low Bunk Bed

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Product Specifications:

  • Height - This bunk bed is MUCH shorter in height than our other bunk beds. This makes the upper-deck more reachable, excellent for parents to check on & interact with kids without having to climb. Shorter height also mean more head-space from the ceiling and less possibility of hitting a ceiling fan. 
  • The top side rails are designed to prevent children from falling. We highly recommend a mattress of not more than 6-inches to put at the upper-deck.
  • Centered step ladder - By having the step ladder in the center of the bunk bed, it makes it bi-directional. Some times, having a fixed left or right ladder placement is tough especially in a small room with many furniture around.
  • Prevent Roll-Off - One of the main safety feature of the step ladder being in the center also help prevent roll-off while sleeping.
  • Low Bottom Bunk - easy for small children to climb in and out of, and if they do roll off the drop isn't as far. 
  • The Brooklyn Bunk Bed is designed for children & adults. 
  • Dimensions: D97cm x W200cm x H135cm

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