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AU Grass-Fed Beef Stock Bones - 1.0~1.1kg

What Is It?

  • Irregular cuts of beef bones
  • Most people would recognize the bones in some meat cuts – like T Bone steaks, beef short ribs, osso bucco, rib bones, shin bones, vertebrae and hip bones.

Best Way To Cook?

  • Bones by themselves are often too tough to chew, but when you cook them for long periods in water they soften and release their nutrients, creating a nourishing and hearty liquid.
  • This can be used as a base stock for a soup or casserole or simply enjoyed by itself.
  • Bone broth has been praised for its proposed medicinal purposes, with claims that the collagen, protein, calcium, magnesium and gelatine (from the bones and sinew) can help improve gut health, digestion, immunity, joint pain and skin texture

Beef Disclaimer

  • Our beef are sourced from Australia and grass fed unless otherwise stated.
  • Generally grass fed beef has less fat marbling than grain fed beef.
  • Weight stated may deviate up to 5%.
  • Pictures are for illustration purposes and product is not exactly similar.
  • All meats are delivered chilled unless otherwise stated.
  • All meats are unspiced (unmarinated) unless otherwise stated.
  • Remember to select your delivery date and time at the bottom of your cart page.



All deliveries are minimally next-day deliveries unless otherwise picked. Cut-off timing for all next-day deliveries is before 3.30pm every day except Sundays & Public Holidays. There will be no deliveries on Sundays and Public Holidays.

All fresh meats including poultry and seafood, will be packed on a styrofoam plate with a soaking pad and shrink-wrapped. Should you require vacuum-packed packaging, please inform us before making a purchase. Additional charges will be charged for any vacuum-packaging.

There is a minimum order amount of $30. For purchases below $100 there will be a $15 delivery charge. Delivery is FREE for orders above $100.

For every $ spend at Picket&Rail, you will earn 1 Picket Point (PP). 50 PPs can be exchange for $1.


Customer buys a KUKA sofa from Picket&Rail worth $4500. He immediately receives 4500 Picket Points (PP). Customer can redeem up to a maximum of 4500/50 = $90 in discount vouchers. Customer can use up to $90 worth of discount vouchers to offset the purchase of any meats.

The import of meat is governed by the Singapore Food Agency (formerly AVA). We try as best to bring in meat that is farmed ethically and as humane as possible. However, for example, chickens imported chilled from Malaysia are not allowed to be free roaming as Singapore Food Agency is afraid the chickens may pick up diseases hence all the chickens are kept in barns.

As for beef, lamb and pork, all our meats are not administered growth hormones and antibiotics. The grass-fed animals are free roaming as much as possible, except for grain-fed animals which go into feedlots to eat the grains. This is necessary for them to put on the marbling, flavor and tenderness desired. The slaughtering process is also as humane as possible and in accordance to SFA guidelines and best practices.

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