Arnelli Lounge Chair(Fabric) - CH6125

Fiberglass Colors
White Gloss
White Matt
Black Gloss
Black Matt
Off White Gloss
Off White Matt
Warm Gray Gloss
Warm Gray Matt
Red Gloss
Red Matt
Spring Green Gloss
Spring Green Matt
Lemon Yellow Gloss
Lemon Yellow Matt
Hot Orange Gloss
Hot Orange Matt
Tibet Blue Gloss
Tibet Blue Matt
Autumn Green Gloss
Autumn Green Matt
Flamingo Gloss
Flamingo Matt
Brown Gloss
Brown Matt
Fabric Color

Inspired by Eero Aarnio, "Cognac Chair" 

Interesting Facts:

  • Designed in 1967, the Cognac Chair is arguably one of Eero Aarnio's more simple pieces, leaving many typical design elements in their proper places. While most of Aarnio's chair designs are stationary, the Cognac Chair rests on a swiveling base which spins 360 degrees allowing the user to face any direction.
  • The entire outer casing of the Cognac Chair is constructed from durable fibreglass and given several coats of scratch-resistant acrylic paint for a smooth, glossy surface. The interior cushion is removable for easy cleaning and maintenance. The back of the chair rises just over the lower back and curves forward to create the armrests. The pedestal has a wide base which narrows at the top, much like a cognac glass.
Dimensions: 66w x 64d x 69h cm

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