Miesen 1-seater Sofa (SF9160A)

Inspired by Hans Wegner, "GE-290 or Plank Sofa" 

Interesting Facts:

  • Designed in 1953.
  • A sofa takes up a lot of space in a home, but the GE-290 is created to take up the minimum amount. This, in combination with neutral, minimalist design language, has meant it is widely used for public spaces, like doctor's offices, lawyers offices and different government agencies.

Product Specifications: 

  • Dimensions: W750 x D820 x H770 x *SH425 mm
    • *SH stands for Slanted Height of Seat
  • Materials:
    • Seat frame in American White Oak
    • Seat upholstery in Fabric (Color: Light Grey, Kai 1503)

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