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Picket&Rail is a premium furniture retailer established since 1999, with a particular penchant for solid wood furniture and well-known branded home furnishing, art and baby brands. To date we have furnished to over 350,000 homes in Singapore. Browse our current job listings below and we look forward to having you as part of the Picket&Rail family!

Office Tea Lady (Part-Time)

Are your a retiree, full-time homemaker or are you just simply looking for an easy temporary coffee-making job?

(We even welcome people with special needs!)

Sales Promoter (Part-Time)

If you are young, energetic and want to earn some quick bucks, we have multiple part-time positions for you!

Delivery Driver (Full-Time)

You need to be physically fit, a valid Class-3 license, good with hand tools & a Google-Map brain for this one.

Customer Service Officer

We'll be honest. This job demands your absolute patience, problem-solving and people skills. Not for the faint-hearted.

Office Tea Lady

Job Description & Requirements

Your main task is to maintain overall upkeep and cleanliness of our lounge/pantry area and serving customers with food & drinks. Once our retail staffs have completed a sale with their customers, it's your turn to shine! No selling of anything is required.

Weekends are a must. But hey, you tell us. We are super flexible and easy going. (Our store operates between 10am - 9pm daily)

We're offering similar market-prices at $12 per hour, flat.

Our Megastore @ 25 Tagore Lane. Sounds "u-lu", but this place is anything but.

Yes, if you are any of the following:

► a retiree and bored sick of doing nothing at home

► a homemaker who wants to earn extra cash for a few hours every day

► a person with special-needs who wants to gain some working experience

You can send in your resume to or WhatsApp us at: +65 9637 9130

Sales Promoter

Job Description & Requirements

Sell. Sell. Sell. Training will be provided.

Its entirely up to you. However, should you be deployed at road shows , sales events or expos, you will be required to work in accordance to the respective event/show timings.

You will be paid by the hour at a rate of $15 an hour.

You will be primarily deployed at road shows, expos and other sales venues.

Yes, if you are young, energetic and want to earn some cash between other part-time jobs and/or school.

You can send in your resume to or WhatsApp us at: +65 9637 9130

Delivery Driver

Job Description & Requirements

Your are to drive and deliver our customer furniture purchases. There will be some basic installation of furniture required. Besides delivering furniture, you will also be tasked to deliver & collect items sold from our stores periodically and liaise directly with our Customer Service officers.

Clock-in timing is at 8.30am daily & end shift when you complete your assigned last customer delivery or at 5.30pm (whichever comes later). You will be given offs on Sundays.

Your gross salary could be between $2000-$3000. You will also be rewarded for good service rendered to customers.

You are to report for work daily at our warehouse at 25 Tagore Lane. Upon receiving your daily delivery orders each morning, you will proceed to load up goods into trucks/vans before commencing your delivery trips. All delivery vehicles are to be returned back to our warehouse at the end of deliveries.

You need to be physically fit, with a valid Class-3 license (with good driving track record) and good with hand tools (training of furniture assembly will be provided). There will be instances where breakdown of lifts may require you to carry the goods up the stairs when required.

You can send in your resume to or WhatsApp us at: +65 9637 9130

Jobs / Career Opportunities