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Warranty Coverage for Ameritech Mattresses

Warranty Coverage

What is covered by Picket&Rail 10-years limited warranty?

Picket&Rail pocketed spring mattress carry a 10-year limited warranty period.

For the first 2 years upon the date of delivery, Picket&Rail will at its option, replace or repair a Picket&Rail mattress due to manufacturing defects, at no charge (excluding transportation charge).

After the first 2 years upon the date of delivery, any replacement or repair of Picket&Rail mattress, will be calculated by the total number of years owned multiplied by 1/10th of the prevailing list price, plus transportation charge.

If identical materials are not available at the time of repair or replacement, Picket&Rail reserves the right to substitute comparable materials or models and does not guarantee that the replacement will match the existing or original piece.

This warranty is extended only to the original purchaser from Picket&Rail Holdings Private Limited, Authorised Dealers or selected concessionaires.

What is excluded under Picket&Rail warranty?

(This warranty does not apply to and excludes):


Please ensure that satin trade labels and/or law labels are intact to identify the bedding and validate the warranty. Picket&Rail shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages that result through the use of this product.