Top 10 Best Sofas You Can Buy In Singapore


The Sofa can be considered the most aesthetically important piece of furniture in the home. It is the first piece of furniture that a you usually see when you enter a home. It is also the first piece of furniture that guests would use when they visit your home. Next to your bed, it is the furniture that you spend the most time on. You could be on your sofa reading a book, using your laptop computer or just watching TV. This article will explore the top ten different types sofas you should consider.

#1 - The Super Day Bed Sofa - KUKA #1372

This is one of the most iconic KUKA sofa designs of the 21st century. It is truly a modern classic. It is literally love on first sight. It's the Superman of the sofa world. It's a bed, it's a sofa, it's a sofa bed, it's a recliner, it's a meditation center, it can easily seat 4 people and so much more. But its most enduring virtue is its legendary comfort. It has the right amount "softness". This softness is the holy grail of the sofa world that many manufacturers have still yet to achieve.

#2 - Flexibility for Small Homes - Americana Modular Solid Wood Sofa

This inexpensive sofa is ideal for tiny homes. It can be tucked into a corner easily. Its depth is only about 80cm. Very suitable for apartments where the hall width is about 3m or less. It has matching ottoman, coffee and side tables, entertainment units, work from home tables and other matching pieces from the Americana solid wood collection. It can be purchased as a two seater or as an L-shaped sofa by adding a matching corner piece and an ottoman.

Its slim solid wood base construction and fabric cushions project a warm, light and cozy feeling that is unmatched. Its unique design will make it a classic in years to come. 

#3 - The Wood Lover's Sofa - Americana 8188

The first impression a guest to your home will have is that you are a wood lover. A person who loves nature and cares about the environment. It has cushions in an earthy tone that complements the natural wood grains perfectly and tone of the wooden structure.

This sofa has so much value in it. It is cocooned on three sides with panels of solid wood. This wood is limited in production and expensive as we source from ethical suppliers. The wood is so heavy that bits specific gravity is greater than 1.

#4 - KUKA's Bestselling L-Shaped Sofa - #1235

This sofa became a worldwide bestseller because of a combination of quality, price, comfort and mostly it's practical size. The homes of today are getting smaller, tighter and expensive. Surprisingly squeezing an L-shape sofa into a small apartment is easier than a three seater. This L-shaped sofa comes in two sections and these sections can fit our modern day tiny elevators and narrow staircases easily. A three seater maybe overall smaller but they usually come in a single structure (with packing) that exceeds 2.2m. Navigating tight places can be a challenge.

#5 - Taiwan's Top Selling Sofa For 3 Years Running - KUKA #1287

This simple sofa did not become the bestselling top grain leather sofa in Taiwan without good reason. Its quality, practical size and ergonomics are unmatched by the competition in its price category. The angle of the back, the softness and bounce of the seating, the sturdiness of its construction and quality of its leather is a grade above most similar sofas.

If you are a need of a sofa why not visit Picket&Rail's Furniture Megastore @ 25 Tagore Lane today to have a touch and feel experience. 

#6 - KUKA's Bestselling 3 Seater Recliner - #1238

This manual recliner sofa uses a Leggett and Platt mechanism. This mechanism is the "Intel" of the sofa world. They supply to many top brands in the world. It is smooth and easy to operate as well as extremely rugged and can withstand repeated use over many years.

When you combine high quality mechanic engineering together with high end leather craftsmanship, premium materials, unsurpassed ergonomics and a traditional American design the chances of having a successful product is almost certain.

#7 - A Modern Take Of A Incliner + L-shape Design - KUKA #5650

This is what the furniture world calls a high leg folding incliner cum L-shape sofa. An incliner is a recliner that can recline without touching the back wall.

Most recliner sofa designs are more traditional and do not have long exposed legs. They only usually have "feet". With the development of new mechanisms a high leg modern sofa design can now incorporate a single seat reclining function. This sofa has the benefit of two "relax zones"; a chaise and recliner in a single stretch under 2.7m.

#8 - Modular Sofa System With Electric Inclining Module - KUKA KM.5123

This sofa system is ideal for both small and large homes. Modules can be added or mixed in different combinations. There are chaise, single seater and corner inclining modules. An incliner is a recliner that does not need the sofa to be set away from the back wall.

Modules can be ordered with different leathers and fabric to create an eclectic designer look. A extremely flexible and highly functional model.

#9 - A Budget Friendly Sofa With Water Resistant Fabric - KUKA #2537

If you want a fabric sofa that is affordable, comfortable and easy to maintain, this model might just be the one for you. Its water resistant fabric is this product's highlight. Spilled sauces and drinks from TV dinners and late night parties can be easily cleaned with a light wipe.

Besides this convenience this sofa is build to last and has the legendary KUKA comfort and ergonomics. This sofa comes with a 3 year structural warranty. Visit Picket&Rail Furniture Megastore @ 25 Tagore Lane and discover how to upgrade to a 10 year warranty for free.

#10 - A Single Seat Lounging Recliner At A Competitive Price - Rilaxa

This super popular lounge chair is a must for the contemporary apartment living room. It is compact and very modern with clean design lines. It comes in a variety of colours and design to suit your aesthetics. The leather is so cooling and comfortable, the more you lounge the softer it feels.

A reliable mechanism, plush headrest and premium materials make this truly a star buy with tremendous value.