Top 10 Kids Beds in Singapore


Kids bedrooms are one of the hardest to build from scratch because of their everchanging needs as a growing child. When choosing kids furniture, parents should prioritise selecting those that are built to last, made from quality materials, and flexible so that it can adapt to your children's needs as they grow and age. It can last through the dinosaur phase, K-pop phase, doll phase, Transformer phase and wherever they're heading to next. Here we recommend the top 10 types of kids bedroom furniture options that are available in Singapore, from functional bestsellers to innovative play-and-sleep designs that is sure to suite your kid's lifestyle.

#1 - DAKOTA Solid Wood 2-in-1 Study and Sleep Bed

Schooling children need their own space to learn comfortably at their own pace, and the Dakota bed is perfect for it.

You can flip up an extra solid wood panel at the foot of the bed to turn it into a study table matched with our solid wood stools. It sits at the standard countertop height at 90cm so it is ergonomic and doesn't strain their neck or back. 

At the headrest, there is storage space to place their handphones, tablets, and stationaries that is well hidden along the top plank. Genius design for smarter kids!

#2 - Expand Bedroom Storage with a Tatami Bed

Apartments are getting smaller and expensive. Maximise the space available in your home by getting The Original Tatami Storage bed. It has up to 888 litres of storage and all compartmentalized neatly for your convenience!

Made from strong super-engineered scratch-proof, waterproof and heat resistant wood, this bed will look great in the years to come.

There's also an option to add on soft-close mechanism to avoid loud slamming noises. We designed it to sit on a raised base for a premium, fully finished look found only in luxury furniture. 

#3 - Cute and Cozy Bed with Storage/Mattress Trundle

Is your child an aspiring interior designer or graphic artist who has expressed interest for the aesthetics? The Castle kids furniture series would be a great addition to their bedroom.

This bed comes with a fabric draped wooden roof structure that makes the bed feel like a cozy fort. At the foot of the bed, there is an extra storage trundle for small items, and the pockets in the fabric at the headrest allows for more organisation. 

The perk of a bed with a trundle is having the option to turn it into a bedding drawer or a pull-out bed (we have the mattress to match the size!) for sleepovers when their friends visit!

#4 - For Ample Study and Sleep Space

A bed that will last them till Junior College? Get a versatile study loft bunk bed that has ample space to keep the mounting textbooks, exam papers, stationaries, electronics, and more.

This loft study bed designs also saves on a study table space that can be freed to make way for an extra wardrobe, musical instruments, or an art corner.

This bed is made from solid rubberwood, a hardwood variant that does not chip and is naturally anti-microbial. Every structural joint is secured by nuts and bolts to reinforce structural integrity for years to come.

Keep in mind that this bed measures 186cm in height, so a room with high ceiling is recommended.

#5 - A Solid Wood Low Bunk Bed is Safer for Younger Children

In contrast to the other bunk beds, the Brooklyn only measures at 136cm in height which is suitable for kids that are aged 10 years and below. The top bunk is easier for them to reach and parents can easily check in since it's around eye level. 

By having the step ladder in the center of the bunk bed, it makes it bi-directional. Sometimes, having a fixed left or right ladder placement is tough especially in a small room with many furniture around.

As Singapore's safest bunk beds, all of our beds are manufactured and designed according to stringent US/EU safety standards alongside local engineers with over 10 years experience in furniture.

When you sign up as a Picket&Rail member, you get a FREE 10 year warranty upgrade as well. Whenever you purchase from us, you know it's the best!

#6 - Your Child Can Play, Learn and Sleep Here

Your kid will never complain about going to bed early again with this Castle bed! Built for leisure and rest, it can be a Montessori playhouse for younger children to explore their interests independently in the comfort of their own space.

This bed comes equipped with a top deck tent matching the rest of the Castle furniture series and curtains at the bottom for a cozy feel. If you're in a pinch for space, add a mattress on the bottom deck and it turns into a bunk bed.

Furthermore, this bed comes with an optional slide addition for extra fun! Now your kid can slide out of bed in the morning for school and tell their friends all about it. 

#7 - AMERICANA Solid Wood Beds are Our Bestsellers

Our defining bestseller for 5 years and counting. The reasons our customers love this is its flexibility to separate into 2 single or super single beds when their children age, and its classic American picket headrest design does not go out of style, making it suited to last till the teens.

The side railings are built according to the strictest US/EU safety standards to avoid injury and falling while sleeping. As a safety precaution, all the edges are sanded down to blunt it and not cause serious injury.

We have also manufactured mattresses that comply with the height requirement. For all your bunk bed needs, Picket&Rail has the solution!

#8 - The Safest Solid Wood Triple Bunk Bed Islandwide

A family that sleeps together stays together. The top standard single bunk for your kid while parents can rest peacefully on the bottom standard queen bunk, with a trundle add-on option for more storage space or an extra mattress.

Made to US/EU safety standards, the solid Malaysian oak is durable and sturdy, plus the top bunk can convert into a single bed once your kid is all grown up.

Many new parents love this because it's an economical 2-in-1. It's the most sustainable choice because this bunk bed converts and can be used for up to 18 years. Very space saving for small apartments.

#9 - Low Bunk For Easy Supervision - BROOKLYN Bunk Bed

Remember the days when we used to hide storage boxes underneath our beds? With the restrictions of bunk beds in smaller homes, the tight empty space underneath can still be utilised by adding this solid wood trundle.

Be it for an extra mattress whenever their friends sleepover or to keep the mess of toys out of sight, everything can be organised neatly!

This trundle comes with high quality castor wheels for easy maneuvering and is fitted with a fabric upholstered platform base for a clean, furnished look. It's the most functional addition to our solid wood bunk beds!

#10 - Build Their Dream Bedroom

Investing in your child's bedroom brings wondrous benefits. Having a domain decked out just for them can bring immense joy and it will shape their childhood forever. It's an experience all kids should have and may never forget!

Our Carpentry&Reno team uses formaldehyde-free wood that comes in various colours and high quality hardware to build long-lasting furniture that families can enjoy.

With made-to-measure furniture, it can fit into any weird corners or unique home layouts that make their bedrooms truly one of a kind. We provide no strings attached consultation at our Furniture, Art & Baby Megastore @ 25 Tagore!