Free Goodies for Expectant Mums - Worth $1,200/-

Congratulations on your pregnancy. If you are a Mum To Be you can get the following for free:

  1. Free Goodies Bag worth $400+
  2. Vouchers worth $1000+
  3. Special Prices For Key Products
  4. Lucky spin a wheel draw at our store

Just WhatsApp us the following information

  1. Expected date of birth
  2. Name
  3. Home Address
  4. Email

We will contact you and arrange for a time for you to collect the items at our Megastore @ 25 Tagore Lane.. 

We are giving out all these goodies because we want to help you prepare for your baby's arrival with the least amount of fuss. We are more famous for our leather sofas and solid wood furniture but we have been in the Baby furniture and gear business since 1993.


About Us

We manufacture and retail

  1. Baby Cots
  2. Kid Furniture
  3. Baby Bedding (Cheeky Bon Bon)
  4. Baby Mattresses
  5. Kids Furniture

We are the exclusive distributor for the following Baby brands.

  1. Maxi Cosi Car Seats & Strollers
  2. Ingenuity Bassinets, High Chairs, Seating & more
  3. Bright Starts bouncers, rockers and swings
  4. LeClerc Strollers - The world's fastest unfolding stroller
  5. Alexandr&Co Skincare

We have a specialized showroom for our baby products.

You have to start taking care of yourself. Backaches, swollen feet and other ailments will present themselves and will only worsen. Your sleep, diet and exercise will have an impact on baby. We have mattresses, pillows, recliners and beddings to help you.

Besides visits to the gynaecologist you have to start preparing for baby's arrival. Early preparations is always a good idea. You never know when baby might arrive. Twenty-six percent were born in weeks 37 to 38; 57 percent in weeks 39 to 40; 6 percent in week 41; and less than 1 percent at 42 weeks.

Our Goodies Bag includes the following items. There maybe extras

  1. Bright starts, Jeep, Baby Einstein, Dreambaby and Pura items (worth $200+)
  2. A&Co Serum and Eye cream travel pack (worth $268)

Special Pricing For Mummy, Baby Sleep & Changing Products. You get between 5% to 20% cheaper than our retail prices if you attend our consultation. Learn more about our products.

Contact us to make an appointment.


Terms & conditions

  1. Limited to ONE Goodie Bag per Expectant Mother. Goodie bag items may vary and are non-exchangeable.
  2. Gynae Appointment Card and Whatsapp message has to be presented during redemption. Voucher can be shown via mobile or printed copy.
  3. Only Expectant Mothers/Mums-to-be are allowed to redeem the Pregnancy Goodie Bag. Family members, Friends & Relatives cannot collect on behalf.
  4. Incomplete submissions will not be processed. 
  5. We reserve the right to replace the items at its discretion and without prior notice.
  6. By entering the Goodie Bag promotion, participants are agreeing to be bound by our terms and conditions.
  7. We reserve the right to disqualify an entry if it has reasonable grounds to believe that an entrant has breached any of the promotion’s rules or conditions.
  8. Our decision is final.