Picket&Rail Flagship Store @ City Square Mall Level 3

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About Picket&Rail Originals Flagship Store

Our City Square Mall showroom are for those who love Collections and matching furniture. Thinking about Matching coffee and side tables along with a TV Entertainment unit. Matching dining table, sideboard and mirror. Our furniture here are curated for medium sized homes from 800 to 1500 square feet. 

This showroom is home to our P&R All Wood Originals Collection.

We have
1. Premium and Basic Leather Sofas ranging from 1.6m to 3m in length. Suitable for many Singapore homes.
2. We have 2, 2.5, 3 and 4 seater sofas.
3. We have L shape Sofas.
4. We have a wide choice of leather colors and grades to suit different needs and homes.
4. We have 5, 7 and 9 piece modern dining sets in different styles with table sizes ranging from 1.2 to 2m. We also have extension tables that are ideal for festive occasions.
5. We have coffee tables, TV units, sideboards, cabinets, shelves, partitions and a wide variety of functional furniture to partner your choice of dining sets and sofas.


All Wood Original Collections


Scandinavian Inspired - Anders & Miller Collection

In essence, Scandinavian Design refers to the design movement that emerged in the 1950s in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, as well as Finland and Iceland. Typical for Scandinavian design is beauty radiated through light colour, the ample use of wood, and minimalism and functionality.
 The three pillars of Scandinavian Design are: good design for everyone; beauty despite functionality; and optimal use of available resources. Designs are kept simple and often stylise the local natural environment. Yet despite their symmetry and clarity, Scandinavian designs always radiate warmth and a distinct and homely cosiness. This is something the Danes refer to as hygge, and is especially important to a Nordic lifestyle in light of the cold climate and long dark winters. The sense of practicality that flows into Scandinavian Design is a clear feature of this genre and contributed significantly to modern furniture and product design. Both our Anders and Miller furniture collections are testaments to what Scandinavian furniture design is all about.


Chicago Collection

Chicago Collection - Solid American Poplar with Gun Metal Frame“Industry” summons more charming thoughts today than those of manufacturing smokestacks in obscure lands. For all its symbolic meaning or not, it has evolved into a reference of style. Those who have a taste for the industrial look are set to be enraptured by Picket & Rail’s new staid and ravishing Chicago collection. Chicago is industrial by character, not merely borrowing from the aesthetic. Its material, form and engineering exude heavy duty strength. Every feature celebrates the power of mechanism, of technology and of contraption, reinforcing the collection’s industrial character. A formidable union of rugged gunmetal and American poplar that retains all the glory of its timber’s raw, natural scars, and the imposing strength of heavy metal, Chicago is impure, swarthy beauty made material. Click here to know more.


Why Buy Picket&Rail Dining Furniture?

Dining Room Furniture Collections

Our Latest Dining Collections are best viewed at our P&R Originals Flagship Store in City Square Mall Level 3.


Flagship Bedroom & Mattress Gallery @ City Square Mall Level 3

Here at our Flagship Bedroom & Mattress Gallery in City Square Mall, you can find the widest collection of P&R Solid Wood Originals Bedroom Collection. At this location, we have the widest collection of all wood beds of all sizes including single beds, super single beds, queen beds, king beds, bunk beds, storage beds and even tall beds for tall people.

Our Flagship Bedroom& Mattress Gallery also carries a wide selection of mattresses including memory foam mattress, latex foam top mattresses, bonnell spring mattresses, foam mattresses, individual pocketed spring mattresses and much more.


Star Buy Specials - 50% Off And More 


Location of P&R Originals Flagship Store

180 Kitchener Road, Unit #03-42/43, S208539 | Tel: 6509 8390 / 6643 9666 | Opening Hours: 12noon - 9pm daily