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How Our Membership Tiers Work

It is absolutely FREE to sign up and enjoy the basic member benefits. Just click the link here, fill in your details and you are good to go.

To level up your membership, you will have to meet the minimum amount spent for each tier. We will calculate by summing up all of your past purchases online and in store to level up your membership.

This means, to achieve VIP status from a basic Member, you need to spend $2000 total at our stores, online and Megastore, using the same email address and membership account. If you would like to skip tiers, you are able to do so provided the purchases meet the required minimum spend of the respective tier.

You can easily track your total amount with us by logging into your member account > click on Order History > sum up all the purchases you have with us.

If you are shopping online, look out for the ribbon located at the top left hand corner of the product that will state your membership status (Member/VIP/VVIP/VVVIP/BVIP) and the discounted price. The discount will also be reflected in your checkout cart and invoice as well.

If you are shopping in store (Megastore & Ministore), do let our representatives know your email address so that they can apply the discount based on your membership tier.

Our Baby VIP (BVIP) programme is made for soon-to-be parents to shop cheaper and easier throughout your little one's growth.

For purchases of baby items and furniture more than $1000, you are automatically upgraded to the BVIP tier to enjoy steeper discounts on our branded baby bestsellers.

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