Why Maxi•Cosi, then?

With newborn comes a new journey that brings you new experiences, surprises, and challenges. Nobody's too experienced for that and everyone would love a helping hand and especially so when you're so new into this and so unguarded.
And that is where Maxi•Cosi comes into picture. A brand that had its history as the first to introduce a baby car seat in Europe back in 1984, and has since grown into a generic baby car seat name in Europe and continue doing so worldwide. With already 50 Million babies carried home safely on its versatile car-seats (from 0 to 4 years), wouldn't you want to consider this car seat when transporting your precious ones home from birth?


What's so special about Maxi•Cosi's car seats then?

With a design team that's just as concerned about safety and comfort of the kids as are their parents, and the brand's huge passion about safety, it's easy to see why we choose Maxi•Cosi. 
That's why we like to introduce these two car-seats to you - AxissFix Air & AxissFix Plus, and the features that will keep your worry at bay.



i-Size Logo▲ What's i-Size and what's an i-Size Safety seat?

i-Size is a new European safety regulation (effective since 2013) that affects car seats for child under 15 months of age. An i-Size Safety Seat spotting this icon would allow an option for rearward facing travel (for children up to 15 months).

▲ A car seat with this option would make it safer for newborns (up to 15 months) to travel in cars.


▲ Getting your newborn/child into the seat would be so much easier with this 360° swiveling function


▲ Air Safety Technology, or Maxi-Cosi Air Technology™, is an award-wining airbag technology that allows the integration of airbags into a child's car seat, making it even safer for children to travel on seats that have been integrated with this 


▲ With the presence of Maxi-Cosi Air Technology™, the forces exerted onto a child's head and neck would be significantly reduced during an accident


▲ These airbags would inflate when collision is detected, and automatically deflate thereafter when there is no longer a detection of danger



Other additional services:

These other value-added services are created with you, parents, at heart, in hope to provide you a better, and less challenging parenthood journey.






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