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Our Asiana® Mattress Collection is Picket&Rail®'s best-selling mattress collection ever. Having sold to more than 200,000 homes, our Asiana® Mattresses has shown that higher prices do not mean better sleep. Our Asiana® Mattresses are supposedly built within the $500-$1200 range, as anything over that price doesn't necessarily indicate better quality or better sleep, and probably has the same amount of cushioning and support as more expensive mattresses. Visit our Picket&Rail® Flagship Store at City Square Mall Level 3 to try them all out today!

Asiana® Luxury (Youth) Series - Designed for Growing Asian Bodies

Our Asiana® Luxury Mattress is our entry-level mattress. Designed specifically for the growing Asian bodies. As of all of Asiana® mattresses, our Luxury series features double-tempered carbon springs, a thin layer of latex foam and double-knitted super cool fabric.

Asiana® Memory Foam Mattress (While Stocks Last)

Our Asiana® Memory Foam Mattress features a luxurious, plush Euro-top. This is the plushest mattress in our Asiana® Mattress Collection. Available in both local Queen and King sizes. Limited stocks available.

Asiana® Premium Mattress - Soft/Medium/Firm (While Stocks Last)

Our Asiana® Premium Mattresses comes in three comfort level - Soft, Medium & Firm. Each with that same luxurious super cool double-knitted fabric that all Asiana® mattresses have. Available in both local Queen & King sizes. Limited stocks available.

Asiana® Latex Mattress - Unparalleled Firmness

Our Asiana® Latex Mattress is the firmest mattress in this collection. Also our best-selling and most popular mattress among others. Sold to more than 80,000 homes and counting! It features a thick latex pillow-top with double-knitted super cool fabric. Ideal for most people with minor backaches. Available in both local Queen & King sizes.